10 Best Games That Require Luck

To some degree, all video games benefit from luck. For example, Pokemon players might use a bit of luck when trying to catch a shiny Pokemon or aiming for a critical hit, or terrariums players may want more luck while farming for a certain item they need.

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But, there are titles that are essentially impossible to beat unless you get lucky. Even if the player is highly skilled, these games can still destroy him if he doesn’t have Lady Luck’s favor.

horror world

A screenshot from the game World of Horror

horror world is one of the best monochromatic games according to Metacritic, which is largely due to both its distinct art style and in-depth roguelike gameplay. Based on 80s PC adventure games, HP Lovecraft and Junji Ito, horror world is an early access mystery horror RPG set in the seaside town of Shiokawa, Japan during the apocalypse. Now that the old gods have awakened, one of five possible protagonists must attempt to save the world by solving supernatural cases.


Due to the complex and largely random game mechanics, it’s no surprise that players are likely to die during a game, especially in the early games. With many random encounters, random events, and endings depending on the order of cases and the items the player manages to pick up in their extremely small inventory, players will need both their actual luck and the stat of luck hidden in the game. to go through all the terrifying and brutal adventures.


A screenshot from the game Phasmophobia

Another horror title releasing in early access in 2020 is the first-person investigation survival game Phasmophobia, which has the player visit one of several locations to try and determine what type of ghost is haunting the location. In single or multiplayer mode, players must use various equipment, such as a spirit box or an EMF reader, to collect data on the ghost and investigators earn money if they successfully identify the supernatural threat .

Since these ghosts are randomly assigned once the map loads, and players can be killed by the ghosts, it can be difficult to locate and correctly identify supernatural beings, especially on larger maps. If a player is unlucky, they can spend 30 minutes trying to find the ghost to get killed before gathering any intel.

The Binding of Isaac

A screenshot from The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth game

Considered one of the hardest games to beat according to Reddit, The Binding of Isaac is an indie roguelike that is loosely based on the biblical story of the same name and is one of the leading titles that revitalized the roguelike genre for modern gamers. Originally created as a Flash game in 2011 and later remade in 2014 as The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth for PC and consoles, the game follows a young boy named Isaac who escapes to the basement of his house because his mother wants to kill him.

The basement, however, is a randomly generated dungeon-like maze that’s filled with hostile enemies, traps, and bosses. While skill is a major part of this game, luck also plays a big role as the items the player gets are random, which means players can end up with items that are either just annoying or even harmful. .

SCP – Containment Breach

The player view at the very beginning of SCP: Containment Breach.

After the success of the horror short game SCP-087-BFinnish developer Joonas “Regalis” Rikkonen decided to create a complete game including several SCPs from the SCP Foundation: SCP – Containment Breach. In this free survival horror game, the player takes on the role of D-9341, who is one of many imprisoned human test subjects used by the SCP Foundation to test SCPs.

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During one of these tests, a security breach occurs in this secret underground facility and all SCPs escape containment. Now D-9341 must try to escape without getting killed by the many dangerous anomalies lurking in the building. But, since the facility is randomly generated and certain items, hazards, and SCPs may or may not exist each playthrough, this task is easier said than done.

100% orange juice

A screenshot from the game 100% Orange Juice

Created by Japanese indie game developer Orange_Juice, 100% orange juice is a virtual board game that features characters from the developer’s previous games all battling it out in this big crossover. After his wallet is stolen by a small creature named Marie Poppo, the main protagonist, Kai, is led on a long chase through several different worlds just to retrieve it.

Although the art style is extremely cute, players should not be fooled as the gameplay is actually quite complex. In the main game, four players compete by moving around the board using dice and a deck of cards. The goal is to reach level six before anyone else, which is done by collecting stars in spaces, battling other players, or defeating bosses. Although some strategies can be implemented, many aspects are left to chance.


A small squad of soldiers prepare for a fight in XCOM 2

Since the franchise began in 1994, the XCOM The series is known for its challenging turn-based tactical gameplay, but the series has taken the challenge even higher with the release of XCOM 2 in 2016. Set 20 years after the 2012 reboot title XCOM: Unknown Enemythe game follows the Commander as he leads a resistance against the aliens who have taken over the earth.

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In addition to the usual structure of switching between management simulation and turn-based tactics, this installment introduced procedurally generated maps and time-based objectives, which added new dimensions to the already complex gameplay. Combined with the possibility of missing a 95% chance, it’s obvious that this entry requires some luck.

Lost dimension

A screenshot of Sho and The End talking in the game Lost Dimension

Similar to other JRPGs like the recent Monarch, the 2014 tactical JRPG Lost dimension features a group of young adults fighting against a mysterious entity in order to save the world. The main protagonist, Sho Kasugai, is part of a group of psychics called SEALED who must climb a giant pillar in order to reach and defeat the main antagonist, The End, who plans to destroy the world.

Corn, Lost dimension adds a unique element to this well-known structure. Each game, five of the 10 party members will be randomly selected by the game to be traitors, and it’s up to Sho to determine which ones. Since everything is random and the clues are vague, players will often just have to guess and hope they’re right.

The Oregon Trail

A title screen for The Oregon Trail

Originally created to teach middle schoolers the struggles of being a pioneer on the Oregon Trail, The Oregon Trail is a series of edutainment strategy games that began in 1971 and has continued to the present day. In these games, the player is a covered wagon leader who guides a group of settlers from Independence, Missouri, to the Willamette Valley in Oregon.

Although designed for children, these games reflect the harsh reality of the time by being extremely difficult to beat. At any time, settlers can be killed by disease, starvation, dehydration, gunshots, snakes, bears, environmental hazards, the wagons themselves, and more. Like in real life, almost everything is based on luck.

mario party

Petey Piranha in Mario Party

With the success of the last episode Mario Party Superstarsreleased at the end of 2021, the mario party It is shown that the franchise is still going strong. Since 1998, games have allowed players to choose a mario character, then compete against three other players or processors as you navigate the virtual board and complete mini-games to earn the most stars.

Because players move by hitting blocks of dice and random events can occur, the end results of a mario party playthrough are almost always determined by chance. Even some of the best Husband Party minigames usually have luck-based gameplay.


The epic Tetris puzzle game continues to amuse players to this day

Originally created by Alexey Pajitnov in 1984, Tetris is a puzzle game where players place the tetrominoes that fall from the top of the screen onto the bottom of the playing field. The player earns points by having a complete vertical line made up of these pieces, and the game continues until what the tower of coins touches the top of the screen.

Although some skill is required to place the coins in the best places, players cannot control the coins they get, which means there is always a high level of luck involved.

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