5 easiest casino games for beginners


In recent years, online gambling has been a popular activity around the world. Not surprisingly, its popularity has only increased due to the pandemic. In reality, research shows that the likelihood of experienced gamers playing online has increased six-fold since the start of the epidemic. But a lot of people are also now playing for the first time. Thinking of jumping into yourself? Let’s take a look at the easiest casino games for beginners to get you started.

1. Roulette

An easy table game to learn as a novice in online casinos is roulette. The easiest way to bet is to bet on red or black. You wait for the roulette wheel to spin and then find out whether or not you won.

We suggest you play European Roulette rather than American Roulette to give you a better chance of winning. This way you only have the 0 and not the 00 on the wheel, keeping the house edge a little lower than it would otherwise be.

Certain types of roulette bets seem complex. But when you realize that this is a game of chance, you see how easy it is to play no matter how you bet.

2. Slot machines

Perhaps the easiest and most engaging online casino games for newcomers are slots. Playing slots online is as easy as hitting “spin” and watching the reels spin. If any symbols line up on the paylines, you win.

There are literally hundreds of slots that you can play online. How do you find the most exciting slots with the biggest jackpots? You can find the most popular slot machines at time2play.com as well as quick and easy comparisons between the best online casinos.

3. Baccarat

If you imagine intimidating games at land-based casinos, your mind is probably going straight to the delimited baccarat tables. But did you know that baccarat is actually ridiculously easy to play?

The only options for each round are to bet on the banker, the player or a tie. The lowest house edge is the banker’s advantage at 1.06%. The player is only slightly over 1.24%, and the tie is 14.36%. So if you want to play with the lowest house edge, bet on the banker every time. Quite simple!

4. Keno

Another of the easiest casino games for beginners is Keno. This game is very similar to the lottery. The game will allow you to choose numbers ranging from 1 to 80. After selecting your numbers, the game selects its own numbers. To do this, it uses a random number generator.

If the game chooses the same numbers as you, then you win. You don’t need all of your numbers to match, just a minimal selection of them.

Because this game is completely random no matter which numbers you choose. You can use whatever technique you like or none at all. None of your decisions will give you a better chance of winning. Dame Chance alone controls the results.

You can also set the game to autoplay, choosing numbers on your behalf. Played this way, keno is basically effortless.

5. The casino war

Did you like the War card game when you were little? If so, you know how easy it is to play. There is a version that you can find at some online casinos that is just as easy to play and just as enjoyable.

During this game, you receive a card and the casino receives one as well. If the value of your card exceeds the value of the card the dealer got, you win. If the dealer has a card with a higher value than yours, you lose.

Sometimes you and the dealer will get cards of equal value, so there will be a tie. You can either choose at this stage to give up half of your stake, the rest being returned to you, or to “go to war”.

If you want to go to war, you have to double your initial bet. You and the dealer then each get an additional card, and their values ​​are compared to see who wins and who loses. Note that if you win, you only win the amount of your second bet. Your original stake is simply returned. If you lose, however, you lose both bets.

Like baccarat, this game has a simple strategy of doing the same thing every time if you want the lowest house edge. Go to war as soon as there is a tie. If you always do this while managing your money wisely, you will ensure that your bankroll lasts as long as possible.

Now you know some of the easiest casino games for beginners at online casinos. Try to start with one or more of them. You should find that they give you many hours of fun and hopefully some payoff as well.

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