A preview of what’s to come at Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort!

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – The Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort is gearing up for some great shows at its entertainment venue this winter!

First, on Saturday February 19, Collective Soul & Everclear will perform. On March 11, actor, comedian and host Joel McHale will be at Soaring Eagle and tickets are already on sale! Tickets also went on sale last week to see Styx perform on March 19. The first show of 2022 is this Friday, January 21 – Air Supply with special guest Orléans at the Entertainment Hall. It’s a big one – comedian Chris Rock will be at Soaring Eagle on February 11th. You can also get tickets to see Chicago in concert on April 9. At the beginning of May, you can listen to Earth, Wind and Fire in concert at the Entertainment Hall. The Zac Brown Band is coming to the outdoor site on July 30 – a great idea for a girls’ weekend! You can consult the complete list of concerts and shows here.

Fancy a tropical escape? It’s always hot inside the Soaring Eagle Water Park, which is a short drive or shuttle ride from the casino and hotel. They also have promotions running right now – just click here. Make reservations for their upcoming themed weekends – this weekend the fun is at the center of Valentine’s Day! Click here to see what they’re up to!

Sponsored by Soaring Eagle Casino.

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