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There’s a lot of buzz going into the Major League Baseball playoffs this week. Marquee matchups out of the gate with wildcard matches. The whole month of October will be packed with action.

Let’s start this market report by looking at the early bets in these wildcard matches. I will also talk about the playoff prices for Divisional Round games that are already set. Then we’ll finish with an overview of the current odds for winning the World Series.

Tuesday, October 5

New York Yankees (-117) to Boston Red Sox (+ 107)

Total: 8.5

ESPN, 8 p.m. HEY

I opened the Yankees -115, Boston + 105. My first bet was on the Sox. I dropped the line at a dime (Yankees -110 / Sox EVEN). One of South Point’s really big customers came over and bet on the Yankees. I switched to Yanks -117 (Sox + 107) on this bet. Seems like this is where the market is moving. I think the public will favor the Yankees slightly. Boston supporters will come out of the woods if the line goes too high. My opening total was 8.5 points, with an Over at -120 (Under at EVEN money). The first sharp bet was on the Under. I am now at -110 in both directions at 8.5 strokes. Good pitcher game with Gerrit Cole against Nathan Eovaldi. Note that all bets are “action” at the south point. We no longer list starting pitchers – bet the team, get the team.

Wednesday October 6

St. Louis Cardinals (+187) vs. Los Angeles Dodgers (-215)

Total: 7.5

TBS, 8:10 p.m. HEY

I opened the Dodgers -210, St. Louis + 185. A sharp landed the -210, so I went to -215 / + 187. We are starting to resume the underdogs at + 187, but not enough to make move the line again. Plenty of time to move back and forth between now and the first pitch on Wednesday night. My opening total was 7.5, with the Overjuice at -115 (Under -105). I did a little action on the Under. I am now -110 both ways at 7.5. Another potential pitching duel with Adam Wainwright versus Max Scherzer.

In the best-of-five divisional round, Tuesday’s Yanks / Sox winner will face Tampa Bay. Wednesday’s Cards / Dodgers winner will face San Francisco on Friday. The other two matches are defined.

Here are my serial prices in these:

* Houston -125 vs. Chicago White Sox + 105 (time / network TBD Thursday)

* Milwaukee -145 vs. Atlanta + 125 (time / network to be determined Friday)

Again, these are series price, not odds for game 1. Limited action so far. Right now, the public is much more interested in the big name franchises that go head-to-head in joker games. I think Houston -125 and Milwaukee -145 are good prices. Strong money did not immediately intervene to tell me otherwise. I’ll do my best to provide MLB updates in my midweek football reports if space allows, or on Twitter.

Odds of winning the World Series

Many fans like to place futures bets on their favorite team to win the World Series. Makes rooting even more fun. Here are my current chances of winning the 2021 Fall Classic …

Los Angeles Dodgers 3-1

San Francisco 4-1

Houston 6-1

Tampa Bay 7-1

Milwaukee 7-1

Chicago White Sox 8-1

New York Yankees 12-1

Boston 12-1

Atlanta 12-1

Saint-Louis 15-1

The Sharps are less likely to bet on futures during the playoffs. Smart Money realizes that taking any team into a “mobile parlay” usually provides a bigger return. Take Saint-Louis for example. Hey, 15-1 is a good payout! I already have a lot of exposure to the Cardinals so I can’t make this award any friendlier. But take St. Louis + 187 against the Dodgers, then reinvest the full return at a dog price against San Francisco, then reinvest that full return in the NLCS against Milwaukee or Atlanta, then reinvest that full a return in the World Series against the AL’s rep would probably bring back 20-1 or 30-1. This counts for sharps. They are making every dollar they can. Sometimes this strategy brings in a lot of extra money.

If you have a favorite team that you want to bet on this month and you have regular access to a bookmaker, so it’s easy to visit them before the start of each new round, consider the rolling bet approach.

Quick note on the giants. When I first published World Series futures prices at the end of last October, I had San Francisco at 60-1. The Giants hit rock bottom in late February at 300-1 when the offseason media portrayed the Dodgers as a historic powerhouse. (Hats off to whoever bet that!). The Giants have had such an incredible season that they only have a 4-1 record to win it all.

Good luck this month to the baseball bettors. I will have another action report for you before the ALCS / NLCS series.

Chris Andrews is the Director of Sports Betting at South Point in Las Vegas and has been a Nevada bookmaker for 30 years.

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