Avid New Auckland Angler wins $200,000 in lucky lotteries!

A New Auckland angler need not worry about who got away after winning a $200,000 Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot bonanza.

The Gladstone player won the 1st prize of $200,000 in the 1559 Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot draw, drawn on February 4, 2022.

The euphoric man was completely unaware of his good fortune until an official from The Lott got in touch with him.

“Oh, that’s very nice! Wow!” he laughs.

“I don’t have access to a cell phone, so your phone calls went to my wife’s cell. She was curious to know why she had received so many phone calls in recent days!

“I’ll have to tell him right away. I wouldn’t be surprised if she starts jumping up and down.

“I was going fishing later, so that means I can buy even more bait!”

“I like to buy tickets for Lucky Lotteries once or twice a week, so it’s very exciting to see a big lottery win.

“Thanks thanks!”

With $200,000 about to float into his bank account, the Central Queensland resident said he would buy a new fishing boat.

“I love going fishing, so this will definitely go towards a new fishing boat! It’s high on my wish list,” he said.

“I’ll have to celebrate with the family at some point, but for now I’ll celebrate at home with my dog!”

His winning entry of two random numbers was purchased from TSG Boyne Island, Shop 3, Boyne Plaza, 3 Centenary Drive, Boyne Island.

the TSG Boyne Island The team are delighted to have sold a 1st prize winning entry and wish their client good luck.

The Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot prize is now $7.01 million for the 1560 draw, while the Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot prize is now $7.14 million for the 10526 draw.

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