Ballarat’s dad will gift $100,000 in lucky lotteries to his daughters

A Ballarat dad is eager to spoil his daughters after finding out he won $100,000 in yesterday’s Lucky Lotteries super jackpot draw.

The Victorian man won the guaranteed 1st prize of $100,000 in Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot Draw 10585, drawn on Monday June 6, 2022.

The ticket was unrecorded, so The Lott officials had no way of contacting the ticket holder to announce the new winner and had to wait for him to show up to claim his prize.

The winner continues a string of generous Lucky Lotteries players following a father Robina who shared that he would gift his $100,000 Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot win to his son last month.

Sharing his joy with an official from The Lott this morning, the jolly player said he had never won anything in his life.

“Wow, that’s a bit of a surprise!” he’s laughing.

“I’m really excited. It’s the most I’ve ever won!

“I always play five numbers in Lucky Lotteries draws and yesterday was the day one of those numbers was drawn – that’s cool.

“I will surprise my two daughters with the award. One of them is in desperate need of a new car and the other needs renovations to her house.

“I will be happy to receive the title of ‘Father of the year’!

“It’s really cold in Ballarat right now. I wouldn’t mind going on vacation to sunny Queensland with the win either!

“Thank you for this winning phone call! »

His winning work was purchased at Nextra Bridge Mall, 68-70 Bridge Mall, Ballarat.

The Nextra Bridge Mall The team feels delighted to have sold a 1st prize in Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot and wishes the winner all the best with their prize.

The Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot prize is now $10.85 million for the 1576 draw, while the Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot prize is now $14.96 million for the 10586 draw.

In 2021, 127 Lucky Lotteries 1st prize and jackpot winning entries across Australia won over $32.95 million.

Meanwhile, the biggest Lucky Lotteries prize was won by a man from Coolangatta who won a Mega Jackpot prize of $9.41 million in May.

Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot and Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot are raffle type games, which means that there are a set number of tickets in each draw. As each ticket number is unique, there is no price sharing.

Each game has two draws – one that determines the winning numbers and one that determines the jackpot number. If the jackpot number matches one of the winning numbers, the jackpot prize is won. If the jackpot number does not match one of the winning numbers, the jackpot prize will increase for the next draw.

Tickets can be purchased at any authorized lottery outlet, online at or via The Lott mobile app.

The official home of Australian lotteries, The Lott operates and markets the leading Australian lottery games that customers know and love to create everyday winners, everyday winners.

In 2021, over 130.8 million winners took home over $3.79 billion in prizes from their favorite games on The Lott, including TattsLotto, Monday & Wednesday Lotto, Powerball, Oz Lotto, Set for Life, Lucky Lotteries , Keno, Super 66, Lotto Strike and Instant Scratch-Its.

Last year, Australia’s official lotteries paid out more than $1.5 billion through state lottery taxes and donations to help community initiatives, such as hospitals, health research, disaster relief disaster and education.

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