Best Alexa Games for Your Entertainment of 2022

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About the best Alexa games for your entertainment

If you had asked us five years ago how we imagined the future of gaming, we would probably have told you about VR/AR (still in its infancy) and the inevitable move to 4K. But the idea of ​​using a smart speaker (which was just coming out at the time) as a way to play games, well, that would never have crossed our minds.

Although we never saw it coming, thousands of people now use the Amazon Echo and Alexa to play games. Some of these experiences (or “skills,” as Amazon calls them) are among the top apps in the Alexa Skills Store and have even caught the eye of mainstream game developers like Bethesda and Bungie.

The only problem with Amazon’s new world of audio games, however, is that, like the App Store or the Google Play Store, it has a lot to offer. We sat down with Paul Cutsinger, Voice Design Training Manager at Amazon, to help put the rise of voice gaming into context and give us his top recommendations for Alexa gaming. Here are his thoughts on where voice games originated, where they are now, and where they’re going next.

Here is the list of the best Alexa games for your entertainment

the magic door

If you’ve never played an adventure game with Alexa, you might want to start here, as it can be hard to go back to Alexa’s somewhat emotionless voice after hearing a game with real actors. of the voice (which we will see). . arrive later). In this game, you see a monotonous Alexa saying things like “Wow, I’m really scared right now,” in exactly the same tone as her responses that she turned off the lights.

rock Paper Scissors

The classic game is very simple in Alexa. Simply ask him to play Rock, Paper, Scissors and a countdown will begin, after which he will announce which one he has chosen. She won’t listen to your choice or tell you who won, so you’ll have to know which element beats the others. For a more advanced version, activate the Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock game in the Alexa app, then say “Alexa, open Lizard Spock” to play.

Harry Potter Quiz

This is an official Pottermore and Audible skill. Essential for Potter fans, you receive three new questions every day and you can choose between two difficulty levels: OWL or NEWT. Up to three people in each household can play, and progress is remembered between games. Questions cover quotes, characters, spells, creatures, items, and potions from the books. It’s a skill that needs to be activated first, and it works great on an Echo speaker – no screen needed.

auditory game

Earplay has more stories that influence you with your choices. In the demo, a woman sits at your table in a restaurant and asks you to pretend to know her. Every choice you make, from playing with her to rummaging through her purse, will have consequences. Earplay Codename Cygnus secret agent story is a seven chapter interactive fictional world where you are a secret agent trying to accomplish his mission. Earplay now features five additional stories, including Jurassic World Revealed and You and the Beanstalk, perfect for the whole family.

Twenty one

If you can’t find a real card game, Alexa can be your virtual dealer. She will announce your cards and her face card. Just like in the real game, you can hit or spin (“hit” or “stand” in this version) and you start with 100 virtual coins which you can use to bet.

Overcome intro

A music game where you try to name a song before the intro ends. You can play alone or with friends. The goal is to name both the artist and the title of the song. There are daily challenges and you can optionally play around with the Echo Buttons so there’s no argument over who rang first. Both ‘Greatest Hits’ and ‘Today’s Hits’ are free, but you can upgrade to the unlimited version, which is a subscription service if you want more.

The Dark Citadel

For fans of Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer and Diablo, The Dark Citadel is a choice-based, episodic gaming experience where the player is the last hope for the beleaguered city of Alderton. Alexa is the humble narrator of your quest, reading rich, descriptive passages that create a compelling narrative you can engage with.

escape room

Actual escape rooms are more fun with friends, and there are plenty of escape games for PC and mobile. But with this skill you can play with Alexa. Using only Alexa descriptions, you must navigate the room, find objects, and interact with them in order to escape. There are also four bedrooms to choose from. To start a game, say “Alexa, open Escape the Room”.

skyrim very special edition

Of course, you can play Skyrim with Alexa, more or less. This version of Elder Scrolls V is entirely audio-based, and it’s a little ironic in a way that will make those familiar with role-playing laugh. However, by directing Alexa, you can still roam Skyrim, fight, shout, open doors, and battle dragons. Yes, Bethesda Game Studios actually created the whole thing, making it about as authentic as possible for a voice assistant adventure set in the Norse realm.

Agree or not agree

Another game show that has been remade as an Alexa skill, but not officially this time. Your objective is to choose from the 20 cases available, each with different amounts of money. Initially, your task is to remove the lowest value cases from the game, after choosing a case that you think will have the highest value. The banker will make you an offer based on the value of the remaining crates. Once you accept a deal, your home crate is opened and you earn the sadly imaginary money inside.

Final words: The best Alexa games for your entertainment

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