Bingo Bingo over £ 7,500 to be won this week!


Puzzle Digest is one of the UK’s leading promotional and competitive games companies.

Offer its readers and players the opportunity to win fantastic prizes through its range of games in the traditional format

and raffles – popular puzzles, traditional ball games and bingo games.

Expanding the opportunities for players to win big, the giveaway giant has now launched an exciting new product in its lineup.

Since our conception over ten years ago, Puzzle Digest has published nearly 200 issues of its popular

prize puzzle magazine and distributed over £ 750,000 in cash prizes to its readers.

Past winners have been able to change their lives thanks to their winning success.

One winner used his cash prize to support a new career change, funding a heavyweight license

start a dream job as a long-distance truck driver.

Current jackpot winner Hannah Read used her money to subsidize teacher training.

Hannah said, “Winning with Puzzle Digest has made my year. After all my kids have missed

during containment, that money will be invaluable, and we will have a lot of fun spending it.

The bottom line is that I won’t have to worry so much about income before I start my PGCE in


Bingo card prize winnings range from £ 250 to £ 4000! There is also the

possibility of Crack the Safe with unique codes in each publication where players can earn a cool

£ 500 – plus the chance to win a Grand and win a superb £ 1,000 cash prize for free.

Bingo has been a popular pastime for generations and the traditional game shows no signs of losing

its appeal and we are very happy to sponsor this traditional revival of bingo cards with Reach Plc.

To get your free bingo card go to and for more chances of winning visit

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