Bingo Loco arrives in Brighton – with Christmas show included

A BINGO extravaganza will lift spirits in the city with a night of games and festive fun.

Bingo Loco, which takes place across the UK, features an evening of top tunes and live DJs combined with the traditional game of bingo.

Known for its craziness that turned the traditional game upside down, Bingo Loco is all about the “carnage,” with prizes ranging from a new car, or a week in Vegas, to the absurd like a lawn mower. or 10- teddy bear on foot.

Partygoers can also expect epic dances, confetti showers, Macarena gear, rude liquidation merchants, cheeky performing artists, lip-sync battles, disguises, outrageous props and of course, a not-so-casual bingo game.

The event will take place at Pryzm in West Street, Brighton on December 18th.

The organizer said the place will turn into a winter wonderland and staff will wear festive outfits.


Craig Reynolds, co-founder of Bingo Loco, said: “You can expect epic dancing, massive comeback tunes, confetti showers, Macarena speed, cheeky performing artists, lip-sync battles. , fancy dress, outrageous props, holiday gifts, fantastic crowds, weird and wonderful times and of course, a not-so-casual bingo game.

“We are stepping directly into the autumn and winter season, with entertaining shows, following an incredible summer season which has seen us bring Bingo Loco all over the UK. ”

The idea for the event arose when Irishman Craig, alongside a founding partner, went to the frontline fight against ISIS in 2016 and found himself playing bingo in a common room with peshmerga soldiers.

Since they didn’t know Arabic, they made their own rules, which of course involved a drink, and the rest was history.

The event will also visit sites in London, Birmingham, Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Leeds, Derby, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Watford, Colchester, Chelmsford, Nottingham, Plymouth, Kingston and Exeter.

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