Getting a car loan without a permanent employment contract is easier than expected these days, but there are a lot of hurdles to overcome here. For people who have a job that is limited in time, it is usually difficult to finance the car, but it is always possible.

Possible despite low security

Possible despite low security

The reason that credit institutions rarely give a car loan to temporary workers is the shortness of work. If the loan has not been paid in the limited time, there is no security for the institute, which is the decisive point here. There are two ways to get a car loan without a permanent employment contract. The first is to provide additional collateral that is owned by the borrower. This can be anything with a value that can also be attached.

Be it a house, another car, the savings book, any form of assets that the institute can use. If, after a few months without payment, the average is three, and no additional payment is submitted, the entire amount plus fees must be seized.

Before applying for this loan, which in most cases is also issued, the activity must be at least three months and there must be no debts to be paid off the car. Professions that are popular in the current job market are more widely accepted. Due to the risk of losing a car loan without an open-ended employment contract, the interest will be higher and thus burden the entire loan.

Try privately

Try privately

There are portals on the Internet where borrowers can find private lenders who together finance the loan amount. Most of the time, only a good project is required, which is backed up by a large number of collateral, so that the lenders also have security. On these portals, the borrower has to introduce himself, present his project and possible collateral, but the sum is also easy to get here. However, caution should be exercised with individual borrowers, as these can also be dubious. With this solution, interest rates are very high and can sometimes grow to ten percent, which is a lot of money.

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