Check your 2021 bike bingo card

There’s no way to water it down. From quarantine to vaccines to bicycle shortages, 2021 has been a difficult year. But despite all the difficulties, we still managed to do our shopping.

Instead of focusing on the negatives, let’s go back to the good things that happened this year. Perhaps you have joined a new group race. Did you participate in a race? Or maybe you were lucky enough to buy a new bike (despite the shortages). Regardless of the size of the accomplishment, it’s worth celebrating.

This is why we made the 2021 Ride a bike Bingo Card — to reflect on where your bike has taken you and share it with your friends. Congratulations if you hit all of your goals, but don’t worry if you fail. A new year is fast approaching and it’s packed with miles, roads, trails, friends, races and memories.

So check off everything you’ve done this year. Even if you don’t play Bingo, be sure to share your card on Instagram (story or post) and tag us @bicyclingmag. We can’t wait to see how your year has been.

Good year!

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2021 bike bingo card

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