Which banks they compare is not quite clear, however, just as their competitors do not want to sign with exactly which banks are compared.

But a comparison is free so just fill in an application to see which banks and lenders are simply compared. Good Finance and Loan and Credit have the same owner and are owned by the Loan and Credit Group, which in 2016 was bought by Bauer Media, which owns radio channels such as NRJ and Mix Megapol. They are also found in Finland, Norway and Germany.

Right now, Loan and Credit has a free setup fee!


This offer is good now. So be careful if you want to compare private loans and want to save the setup fee which can often be several hundred kronor. Then you can bring down the effective interest rate significantly. Because that fee can often be very large. If you do not find Loan and Credit in the top 3 above you can take advantage of all the loans in the link above it. There you can compare them against other loan intermediaries.

For Loan and Credit does not lend any money themselves but today compares 25 banks to each other and it totally free. If you want to compare loans for free, Loan and Credit is an option. Especially now that you save on the setup fee if you speed up. So if you know that you want to compare bank loans (same as private loans and unsecured loans) then you can take advantage now.

Loan and Credit basic requirements

Loan and Credit basic requirements

Loan and Credit basic requirements? What is Loan and Credit’s basic requirement for borrowing money through them? There are 3 basic requirements that you must meet in order to have a chance to borrow money through Loan and Credit.

You must therefore at least fulfill them, so there is no guarantee that you can borrow just because you fulfill them. But this is a good start and if you do not meet those requirements then you do not have to spend time submitting an application which will nevertheless be rejected.

Loan and Credit banks? Which banks does Loan and Credit cooperate with and compare for you when you submit an application? On Loan and Credit’s website it just says that they have a collaboration with over 25 banks, lenders and insurance companies.

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