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This year Empire City Casino is celebrating its 15th anniversary since it first opened its doors to avid gamers in October 2006. During its premium gaming operations, the Yonkers-based casino has managed to rack up over 4 billion US dollars for education in New York State, with more than 1.3 billion US dollars generated in the past five years.

The casino that started out as a family-owned business has grown into a favorite choice for players in New York State over the past 15 years. In January 2019, the gaming facility was acquired by MGM Resorts and currently has the sixth largest gaming floor in the country and the largest among the company’s equipment.

Substantial contribution

The US $ 4 billion for education represents almost 40% of the total financial support accumulated for education by all New York State video lottery terminal casinos. This only demonstrates the importance of the facility to the local economy. Prior to closing in March 2020, Empire State Casino generated US $ 307 million for public education. On average, the property brings US $ 25 million each month for education.

Casino Senior Vice President and General Manager Ed Domingo said MGM Resorts can now be proud to call NYS home and the company is fully attached to the state. Mr Domingo also said that as the company celebrates 15 years in business with the casino, it also looks forward to what the next 15 will bring.

In Yonkers’ history, Empire City Casino has been the city’s largest private employer with over 1,000 staff with an annual payroll that exceeds $ 80 million. In addition, 75% of total employees are unionized workers, with most workers being residents of Yonkers County and Mount Vernon.

Besides education, Yonkers VLT Casino also supports many other causes and organizations every year. This includes Feeding Westchester, World Central Kitchen, Health Research Inc., and many after-school programs. In addition, the property spends $ 30 million per year on local businesses and suppliers within a 20 mile radius of it. In this way, it stimulates the local economy and thus keeps the money in the region.

To close

The unprecedented situation and the foreclosure restriction that followed also affected the Yonkers property in the same way as all other gaming amenities in the state it had to suspend construction in March 2020. The casino was sidelined for almost six months, as it was cleared to reopen in September 2020, but with reduced capacity and special health and safety protocols in place.

Local support

A while back, VLT Casino was also backed by a local union in its attempt to acquire a full casino license as the state seeks to issue three casino licenses in the lower state. “A sure bet for the future of New York”, said that the transformation of the casino into a full-fledged casino would still be more beneficial for the region, as the expansion of the property would provide additional income and more jobs.

Source: Caruso, Cristiana “Empire City Casino celebrates 15 years and $ 4 billion for education“, Westchester Magazine, November 2, 2021

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