Everything you need to know: Crypto Bingo


Most players who enjoy a good online bingo game could turn to platforms like Bingofly which offer different versions of bingo like American Bingo or Ball Bingo. If they are feeling adventurous, they can also play other casino games offered by the specific bingo site, as these sites usually offer more than just bingo, or try their hand at the new trend – crypto bingo.

With the rise of cryptocurrency bingo, also known as crypto bingo, there is a need to delve deeper into the new iteration of the beloved classic game that has emerged in the online sphere. Typical crypto bingo games include the usual European 90 ball bingo, American 35 ball bingo and many more, while typical winning combinations include simple horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines. Crypto bingo can often be found at bitcoin casino gaming sites, where players have the choice of trying out free spins or simply paying an entry fee to try their luck at online bingo. Sometimes the bingo site may use progressive jackpots, and interested players can try these bitcoin bingo games if they wish.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the basics of cryptocurrency bingo, so you can decide for yourself if the trend is really worth all the hype.

The mechanics of cryptocurrency bingo

Crypto bingo works almost exactly like land-based bingo is played in land-based casinos – but it comes with its own set of benefits that land-based casinos never really seem to offer. These advantages come notably from global access to other players, as well as the digitization of the game which makes crypto bingo all the more appealing to the increasingly digitally savvy population.

These benefits include internet promotions, for example, a welcome bonus, which most bingo sites offer to their new players, as well as loyalty programs for regular bingo players which include free spins and small payouts. Some sites are more generous since they even grant these benefits to casual players, allowing more people to enjoy the benefits of loyalty programs.

Traditional bingo uses physical bingo cards that must be manually cleared when a number is called. In crypto bingo, the process has been digitized and players simply refer to the card displayed on their screen. Essentially, the bingo game has just been translated to a different medium, but it still uses the same layout for the bingo cards and uses the same number of starting balls for each bingo game subtype.

Where crypto bingo differs slightly is how the balls are called. Some online gambling sites choose not to reveal the called number and skip the process of picking balls from a pit.

Compared to other online bingo games, buy-ins and withdrawals are all done using cryptocurrency. Therefore, crypto bingo players must fill in their details before they are allowed to withdraw from the game.

Many of these crypto bingo sites also accept real money. Take care to read all the necessary terms and conditions before committing to your preferred payment method, and choose the one that would be most advantageous to you.

Why Play Crypto Bingo?

  1. Security

Crypto bingo sites do one thing exceptionally well and that is to protect your anonymity and privacy when you go to their sites for a game of bingo. Most bingo sites require you to verify your identity before withdrawing your winnings in any form of currency, making it slightly safer for players to use cryptocurrency for an added layer of anonymity by compared to the use of real money.

  1. Fast transactions

Since the advent of online casinos, there has been a continuous development in speeding up the money transfer process. Unlike a few years ago, the transaction speed is much faster – almost instantaneous! Online bingo players can expect reliable and fast transactions in addition to the many benefits that crypto bingo offers.

  1. Cheaper fees

Land-based casinos often charge fees for bingo games. Bitcoin bingo sites generally do not charge any additional fees to play bitcoin bingo on top of the bingo entry fee. These additional fees are usually quite reasonable and are kept low to entice more players to join the game without worrying about the fees to be paid to get their prizes. These rates are usually kept lower because they don’t have to cover rent, which makes it much more affordable compared to land-based bingo.

  1. World Bingo

Bitcoin Bingo is often decentralized and given its digital nature, it can be played by people all over the world, giving players the ability to wager their bets from any corner of the globe. This not only means a larger player base with a larger payout – it also means that existing players can try out their favorite games from the online casino of their choice, even when traveling.

  1. Fair Bingo

Crypto bingo, given its online nature, is programmed to be fair and equal to ensure proper odds for its players. Since bingo games involve the generation of random numbers, or simply the random drawing of numbers, the mechanics of online bingo sites become more mathematically fair. There is no guarantee that any individual can win or not, making it a simple game of luck that favors no one.

Note the security of transactions when playing Crypto Bingo

Although many bingo sites keep their transactions secure, it is always advisable to check if the bingo site has strong identification processes when it comes to transactions. You can check the legitimacy of the site by checking if it has two-factor authentication and reading the reviews of the relevant crypto bingo site. If it has a quick and convenient withdrawal option, it is probably a more reliable platform.


Crypto bingo is reminiscent of the old classic bingo style of play, but it was given a new modern perspective when it was revitalized for the online sphere. With the rise of cryptocurrency, we can expect to see other online gaming platforms adopting cryptocurrency as a payment method as well, resulting in a unique mix of new payment methods. and old games loved by many. Despite the many benefits that crypto bingo offers, it is still important to be aware of the dangers of playing any money-based online game. If you stay vigilant and make sure that the site you are playing on is reliable, do not worry and enjoy your little game of luck wherever and whenever you want.

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