Holland Casino and Dutch Lottery Obtain Online Gambling Licenses


Holland Casino and Dutch Lottery, known for Staatslotterij and Lotto, have received clearances from the Gambling Authority to legally offer online gambling from Friday. They are bound by strict rules to prevent gambling addiction.

The companies FPO Nederland, NSUS Malta, Play North, Tombola, Hillside (New Media Malta), Bingoal Nederland, Betent and LiveScore Malta have also received permits.

At the moment, it is still illegal to offer online gambling in the Netherlands. Anyone who wanted to play online was therefore dependent on sites not subject to the control of the Gambling Authority. This will change from October 1 due to new legislation.

At the beginning of April, 29 companies submitted an application for approval to the regulator. Ten companies are now the first to receive approval to offer online gambling. Providers must respect strict conditions of supervision and regulation in order to limit as much as possible the risk of addiction to gambling. Money laundering must also be avoided. Suppliers must also pay a gambling tax. Additionally, there is a minimum age of 18, and online gambling advertising must not be misleading or lead to excessive gambling.

Several large international online gambling providers have yet to wait for a license to legally operate in the Netherlands. They have illegally offered online gambling in the Dutch market in the past. The Gambling Authority has imposed fines for this.

It is estimated that around 1.5 million people actively gamble online in the Netherlands. This market has an estimated value of around 800 million euros. This includes games of chance like poker, roulette, blackjack, slots, and sports betting. On the other hand, it is believed that the number of people with gambling addiction problems is relatively low.

Gambling Authority President Rene Jansen is happy that the online gambling market is now opening up legally. According to him, the authority has made extensive preparations to ensure proper supervision of online gambling and to prevent gambling addiction and money laundering.

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