How many times has BINGO made an appearance in movies?

Mention the word ‘bingo’ in the UK and you’ll see a glint of affection in the eyes of the person you mention it to. Because it’s easy to play and a great way to socialise, bingo has long held a place in the hearts of Britons. Traditionally, people play it in bingo halls, community centers and other places, but now the game has expanded to the online sphere, with operators such as 888 ladies bingo offering the same pleasures and more to the players.

But it’s not just in real life that bingo is present. The movie world has also taken bingo to its heart and has staged scenes involving bingo in some movies. Below is an overview of how popular bingo is, some of the movies bingo has been featured in, and why online bingo has become so huge.

The popularity of bingo in its early days

Bingo came to prominence in the 1950s and 1960s. It was known back then as ‘Housey Housey’ and people played the game to raise money for charities, churches, labor clubs and other causes. Anti-gambling legislation prevented the game from being available in a mass market, but holiday camps such as Butlins still ran games for charity.

But soon it became clear that Britons wanted more access to bingo and were fed up with anti-gambling legislation, prompting the government to seek ways to accommodate them. In 1961, the first commercial bingo club opened. In 1963, 14 million members were part of the bingo industry. Bingo had entered its peak.

It was hard to ignore such a popular land activity. Even movie makers couldn’t ignore the attention and success the game enjoyed. Soon bingo found its way into movies, providing memorable moments on the big screen.

bingo at the cinema

Hollywood has also recognized the joy of bingo and incorporated the game into some of its scenes. Below is a brief rundown of on-screen moments featuring bingo:

Bad Grandpa

This movie stars Jackass stuntman Johnny Knoxville and the bingo is part of a prank in which he seems to play the game innocently around the room like all the other members. The prank begins when he starts drinking ink from the markers, much to the shock and disgust of the players around him, but continues to play normally. He even converses with the players.

Aside from the marker’s ink consumption, this scene shows the social side of bingo as Knoxville engages with the other players. While people might imagine bingo to be super serious and everyone keeping quiet while they play, the scene suggests that bingo players are more tolerant and willing to chat than people imagine.

Big Momma’s House 2

That being said, ‘Big Momma’s House 2‘ suggests otherwise as to how seriously players still take their bingo. The fact that some games follow pre-set patterns makes bingo quite tense as players mark their cards, hoping the caller will call out all of their numbers. This tension builds and when a little girl shouts “Bingo” during a game, just because she likes the sound, this scene reflects players’ frustrations with fake calls. The silence that follows is almost deafening. Nobody likes a fake call.

Hotel Transylvania

This animation features a fun bingo scene that highlights the excitement and competitive nature of bingo. There’s no such thing as being the one called ‘bingo’. If you were to lose your card, like the winning character does in this scene because the player next to her eats the card, you would feel the same frustration. Note that in real life you would be playing bingo with bingo balls, not little skulls whispering the numbers!

Online bingo is still growing in popularity

Although online bingo was introduced later, it overtook offline bingo in popularity.

While traditional bingo has made it to the big screen as many movies have incorporated it into the scenes, online bingo is even more popular. The introduction of gambling into the online sphere has attracted a new generation of gamers who like to jump on their devices for a quick game or two. Here are a few reasons why online bingo has attracted such a following:


You don’t even have to leave the house to play. Instead, you can fire up your laptop, tablet, or other device and play from the comfort of your own home. Moreover, you can play bingo whenever you want because bingo sites also operate around the clock.

Online bingo operators offer free bingo, allowing you to save money and enjoy the game every day. Some sites will also reward you with a bingo no deposit bonus if you sign up with them, giving you the chance to try out the different games without paying to play.

Greater variety

If you are looking for something different, you will find that the operators offer a selection of bingo games on their sites. You will find games of 35, 50, 75 or 80 balls, as well as unique games, depending on the site you choose.


Players do not have to carry any cash on them to play. They also don’t have to withdraw their cash winnings. They can credit their online account and the service provider can transfer all winnings to a specified digital account or wallet.

Bingo enjoys great popularity and has even made its way onto the big screen. The game is easy to play, which is part of its appeal, and people will continue to play it for a long time, especially now that it’s available online.

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