How to Get an Edge Playing Online and Mobile Slots Games

Online slot machines offer more luck than any other mobile casino game. They simply involve spinning the reels and waiting for the results.

Therefore, you may not think that there are skills in these games. Of course, players never stop looking for an edge, even when there seems to be none.

That said, do online slot machines offer advantageous gambling potential? The following guide answers that question while discussing the methods, if any, for beating the house in slot machines.

You Can Gain an Edge in Online Slots… But It’s Hard

You’ve probably heard of card counting in blackjack. Card counting is one of the most famous edge game methods and surprisingly isn’t too difficult to learn.

It is more difficult to practice than to learn. Nevertheless, card counting is the most common way to gain an advantage over casinos.

On the other hand, cash games with advantage on online slot machines are much rarer. Few people even consider, let alone attempt, to gain an edge through mobile slots.

Nevertheless, it is theoretically possible to take advantage of the casinos. You just need to know what methods exist and how to get started.

After learning exactly how to do it, you might decide it’s just not worth the time and effort. The thing is, there are easier ways to play online with an edge.

Advantageous gambling methods for online slot machines

There are three potential approaches to beating mobile slots over the long haul. You can try one or more of the following options when looking for an advantage.

Bonuses with low playthrough and high RTP

Almost all online casinos offer bonuses, such as free spins, deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses. You can use these offers to earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Of course, gaming sites develop terms and conditions to promote them. They still make money on the average player even by handing out bonuses.

Slot machine screen with bonus written on it

That said, you want to look for loopholes in the terms. Specifically, you should look for offers with a low level of play (i.e. rollover) and few play restrictions.

A low turnover prevents you from having to bet too much before withdrawing the bonus winnings. Ideally, you will find bonuses with a playthrough of 35x the bonus or less.

Fewer game restrictions allow you to play more games as you unlock bonus funds. Hopefully, you’ll be able to combine high-paying play with low turnover.

Here is an example of how this situation can lead to theoretical benefits:

  • You are eligible for a $150 bonus.
  • The rollover is 30 times the bonus.
  • 150 x 30 = $4,500 must be wagered
  • You are playing a slot machine with 97.3% RTP (2.7% house edge).
  • 4,500 x 0.027 = $121.50 theoretical loss
  • 150 (bonus) – 121.50 = $28.50 theoretical winnings

Progressive jackpots with high RTP

Progressive jackpots keep growing until someone wins them. Some jackpots feature long odds and continue to grow quite large from where they started.

Assuming a progressive price rises enough, it can provide a theoretical advantage with over 100% RTP. If you play at this stage, you will theoretically make a profit with every bet.

Here is an example to illustrate this point:

  • A progressive slot machine offers a base RTP of 93.5%.
  • Its jackpot starts at $100,000.
  • The jackpot goes unclaimed for a while and reaches $1 million.
  • It now offers 101% RTP.

A big problem with this approach is that you can’t tell for sure when a progressive slot offers an advantage. The developers do not provide enough information to make this decision.

You will also likely need to hit the elusive jackpot at some point to make a profit. Since many progressive prizes feature odds in the millions, you are unlikely to win in the near future.

Glitch Hunt

Problems, or programming imperfections, are common with online slot machines. The developers take great care to ensure that their games work as intended.

However, problems still occur occasionally. Depending on the situation, they can either help the casino or the player.

In the latter case, you can get a head start on the casino. You will be able to win a fortune if the given developer/casino does not catch the error in time.

A 2018 story involving New Jersey gamblers features the best-known example of a profitable glitch. These players found a way to beat IGT ocean magic insert.

They figured out that by changing their betting options, they could keep a wild symbol on screen at all times. This perpetual wild symbol has helped them earn serious guaranteed profits.

The New Jersey Associate Casinos finally realized they were losing hundreds of thousands of dollars to these players. However, they didn’t realize the situation until the players had banked six figures.

These options are not really practical

The advantageous playing techniques described above can work under the right conditions. For the reasons described below, however, they are unlikely to pay off.

You won’t earn much with long-term bonuses

Bonuses are the most convenient way to earn profits from online slots. You can realistically find deals with low turnover and few play restrictions. You just need to put some work into it.

But even when you pull off this feat, you’re probably not going to make a lot of money. The advantage you have will probably only translate to $100 in theoretical profit or less.

Werewolf Wild Online Slots

Moreover, you are not assured of anything from your efforts, even when you find favorable opportunities. If things don’t go your way, you will still lose money even if bonus winnings are taken into account.

The progressive jackpot strategy is a long shot

The first challenge with the progressive jackpot approach is finding profitable situations. You have to guess when a slot machine offers theoretical profits by looking at its starting and current value.

The second challenge is actually realizing the benefits. You have almost half of winning the progressive prize to guarantee the profits.

Assuming the odds of winning are 1 in 5 million, you theoretically need to spin the reels 5 million times to win. That, or you’ll need some incredible luck to land the top prize.

Favorable Slot Problems Rarely Occur

As described earlier, slot developers don’t make mistakes too often when designing games. They put a lot of effort into making sure their games run smoothly.

As the New Jersey story shows, developers aren’t always 100% perfect. Normally, however, they don’t make big blunders.

It is very unlikely that you will find a major problem in an online slot machine. Even if you do, there is no guarantee that the glitch will favor you.

Should you still try to become an Advantage online slots player?

You should not equate online slot machine advantage play with a legitimate money-making opportunity. The methods that exist for making a profit are fragile at best.

Of course, advantage players sometimes figure out how to beat mobile slots. However, these opportunities are rare and difficult to seize.

You’ll probably have a better time playing as usual and hoping for luck. You can even implement a strategy to increase your chances.

For starters, you can look for slots that offer a higher return to player (RTP). A high RTP increases your chances of winning slot machine winnings in the long run.

Locations on a laptop

You can also consider less volatile slots when looking to win more right now. Less volatile games offer more consistent payouts.

As to whether you are actually trying to become a slot machine player with advantage, it all depends on your investment of time and your love of gambling. If you become obsessed with gambling at slot machines, then you will find maybe a way to win big.


The profitable game of online slot machines technically exists. You can try to earn guaranteed profits in three ways:

  • Opt for bonuses with low rollover and fewer game restrictions.
  • Play progressive slots that seem to offer over 100% RTP.
  • Look for glitches that favor the player.

None of these options are too reliable. The bonus route is your best bet for consistency, but it usually doesn’t result in huge payouts.

You might consider advantage playing online slot machines as a hobby with the outward dream of making it big. In practice, however, you might just want to use general advice and play normally.

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