How to watch awesome games made fast in 2022 online

The ever-eventful Awesome Games Done Quick 2022 Online speedrunning event kicks off today. As usual, an entire week of video game speedruns is slated to support charities, especially the Prevent Cancer Foundation, during what is generally referred to as simply AGDQ. And while there will be archived versions of the various gameplay showcases and speedruns after the fact, there’s nothing quite like watching them live.

Last year Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 Online raised a total of $ 2,758,847 for charity. The Prevent Cancer Foundation, the aforementioned recipient of AGDQ donations, is an American nonprofit organization focused on the prevention and early detection of cancer. 100% of all donations made to the event go directly to the foundation.

The full schedule for Awesome Games Done Quick 2022 Online is available online. After a pre-show, he will debut with an Any% Featherless series by Nioh 2 on PlayStation 4 by AxelSanGo. Other highlights of this year include series of new titles such as Psychonauts 2 and Kena: Bridge of Spirits as well as a blindfolded race of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and more. There really is something for everyone. Everything will be played out on the official Games Done Quick Twitch channel, which is live right now.

As noted above, Awesome Games Done Quick 2022 Online is underway and is expected to end late on Saturday January 15th. In total, Games Done Quick events have raised over $ 34 million for charity, and if this year looks like the last, the total will soon reach or exceed $ 38 million. You can check out all of our previous coverage of Games Done Quick, the organization that hosts these speedrun events, here.

What do you think of the Awesome Games Done Quick 2022 Online program? Are you eager to see any of the races in particular? Let us know in the comments, or feel free to contact me directly on Twitter at @rollinbishop to talk about everything related to games!

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