Kilkenny Town’s oldest community bingo is back – click for event details!

Kilkenny City’s oldest community bingo is back.

Operating for over 60 years and having survived storms, foot-and-mouth disease and other national disasters, Butts Bingo again welcomed many locals to Neighborhood Hall last week.

Radiant locals, some who had not seen each other since before Covid were delighted to reunite with old friends.

They also praised the strict Covid policies in place to ensure the safety of all participants.

Masks, hand hygiene and Covid passports all helped to make people feel confident during the Tuesday night social event.

But, unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions, children are currently unable to attend.

Neighborhood Hall Project Director Jenny Cooke said: “This local bingo has been such an important social event for over 60 years that it was a priority to bring it back as soon as their volunteers felt it was safe to do so. . “

She thanked the main volunteers behind the bingo club – Mick and Valerie Reade, Phil Brennan, Jimmy Neary and Martina Ralph Kiely.

The Neighborhood Hall project was managed and developed by the volunteer board of directors of Brother Family Resource McGrath.
Center over the past ten years and during this period they have invested very large sums in the modernization, upgrading and renovation of the building.

It is now a first-class non-profit community meeting, training and social support center and their investment means it can be there to serve as many generations in the future as it does. has made over the last 80 years of its existence as a community space. .

Jenny thanked Kilkenny, the County Council, the partnership with the Kilkenny Leaders and the Lotto Funds as just a few of those who have helped match the funding of the McGrath Center Board of Trustees over the past year. decade to save this invaluable community space for future generations.

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