KSA imposes cease and desist order on BSB Shop and Luxury Bingo


The Dutch Gaming Authority, Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), has enforced a cease and desist order on commercial organizers of online bingo; Luxury Bingo was discovered to use Facebook to promote its services to gamers, with BSB Shop also using the social media platform, alongside Discord afterwards.

With both organizations, there have been cases of recidivism. The organizer of Luxury Bingo had been warned by the KSA to stop, which the company obligated itself to do, but then continued to engage with players via social media. After further reports from the KSA, the gaming page was deleted by Facebook. The violation charge is € 3,000 ($ 3,558.16), with the possibility of an increase up to a maximum of € 30,000.

BSB Shop also ran online bingo through the Facebook platform, disguising itself as ‘Silhouette Cameo Patterns & Ideas’. He then went to the Discord platform; a voice, video and text communication application.

Promoting or offering online gambling sites in the Netherlands is prohibited until the market launch in October; even in this case, only authorized operators will be allowed. The KSA is taking legal action against any unlicensed site, warning consumers against participating in online bingos because they are “not guaranteed to be fair.”

In 2020, KSA announced a partnership with Facebook in an effort to combat illegal online lottery organizations. This illegal activity, known as “dipping”, involves lotteries that launch games through sites like Facebook. As the organizers operate without the necessary license, such activity is illegal.

The KSA described its partnership with Facebook as “the fastest and most effective way to end gambling law violations.”

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