Let’s play! Oink Games Update Now Live, Adds “This Face, That Face”

Let's play!  Oink Games That Face That Face

Oink Games has announced that a new update is available for Let’s Play! Oink Games, with the addition of “This Face, That Face”. Matching system improvements have also been implemented. Now, if a room has empty player slots, you can enter a room mid-game and wait to join while watching.

As for “This Face, That Face”, here’s a bunch of info on how it works:

“That face, that face?” is a expression and quiz board game recommended for families and friends. It’s sure to make you laugh. This title is a digital recreation of Oink Games’ board game, “Mr. Face.” The player responsible for making the face checks the phrase on the subject card, then creates an expression with the pieces provided. The other players guess which line the face represents, and if they guess correctly, they score points, along with the face creator. The game engages both the player making the face trying to convey an expression and the players trying to guess the phrase on the face. Both roles are fun to take on in this creative trivia game.

● “This face, this face?”

Number of players: 3 to 8
Supported Game Modes: Share Switch, Online Game*, Local Game*
*For these modes, there must be enough consoles and software copies for each player.

Oink Games noted that more games will be added to Let’s Play! Oink Games in the future.

Source: PR from Oink Games

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