Lingo Legend launches on iOS with a plethora of games that will teach players different languages

Hyper Thought recently launched Lingo Legend, a new gaming platform dedicated to helping users hone and learn their language skills. The flagship game on this platform is Yorthwood, which infuses the card battle RPG genre with language learning.

The simplest description of Yorthwood is “fight monsters and learn words”. It involves players building a deck of heroes who must battle monsters in a vibrant yet spooky world. How does language fit into all of this? Players can collect all kinds of cards, but the only way to use them is through language challenges. In combat situations, ability cards can only be drawn after correctly answering the language questions.

The gameplay has been designed in such a way as to continue to provide the user with testing. Players will need to plan ahead and use tactics to defeat enemies that have varying strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, everyone can participate in other quests like resource gathering and weapon crafting. Yorthwood also has an immersive storyline that is sure to keep players hooked with its peculiar characters and fun storylines. The best part is that users will also learn a new language alongside it, making it the perfect combination.

Darien Morris, co-founder of Hyper Thought Games, said: “We’re thrilled that people have the opportunity to play a game they love while learning a language and see the effect it has on their consistency and progress. Integrating learning into games video has so much potential and we can’t wait for people to start seeing those benefits with Lingo Legend. We’ve really only scratched the surface of what’s to come.

On top of all that, Lingo Legend will feature monthly challenges, leaderboards, and a ranking system that will allow competition among all players. Hyper Thought also plans to add many more games to its platform, to give everyone a wonderful experience while learning their favorite language.

Download Lingo Legend now for free from the App Store and start learning a new language.

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