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Lake Melville Independent MP Perry Trimper is not a big fan of the recently introduced Lotteries Act for the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. The legislation is heading for a third reading in the provincial House of Assembly, and it could prevent residents suffering from a gambling addiction from seeking class actions against the local government.

The law, also known as Bill 18, would prevent residents from bringing class actions against the provincial government for their gambling addiction. If the bill passes, it will amend the Lotteries Act and grant immunity to the provincial government, the Atlantic Lottery Corporation and others from being responsible for the gambling problems of the inhabitants.


In a recent interview, Mr Timper said the new legislation is flawed as more than C $ 1 million is invested in gambling by local residents and a third goes back to the coffers. According to him, the bill would deprive those suffering from a gambling problem seeking justice through class actions.

However, victims of gambling addictions could still pursue individual lawsuits in court. But Mr. Trimper thinks he would be much more difficult to file such lawsuits whether the victims have ever had financial problems due to their gambling habits, as they could have lost their jobs and ruined their family relationships.

Jordan Brown, the NDP MP for Labrador West, also voiced his criticism of the legislation. According to him, the government’s approach to defend itself against the outcome of the predatory actions and techniques of the lottery company is ridiculous. He continued that there would be no ramifications for ALC, even despite the continued use of technology or support for people with such addictions in the province.

Derek Montague, former mayor of North West River, has also fallen victim to gambling addiction and says video lottery machines are the most dangerous. According to him, the ALC has did not implement guidelines and protocols in order to protect its players from the highly addictive nature of VLTs. He also said that each machine is designed to be as addictive as possible.

Controversial online casino

This is not the first time that ALS has raised concerns among locals in the Atlantic provinces for its actions. Previously, the decision of the state body to launch a online casino platform for the region was the subject of heated discussion, as many believed the timing of the initiative was not appropriate as many players were locked out, allowing them easy access and thus making them more vulnerable to gambling addictions .

Exercise records

In October, the ALC released its financial report for fiscal year 2020-2021. Despite the closure of casino properties during the period, the report suggests the Crown is still on track to impressive profits during this exercise. One of the good things about gaming operations is that part of the accumulated income can be used to fund projects and provincial coffers.

Source: Jugol, Rafsan “An amendment to the Lotteries Act could affect the ability of gambling victims to seek justice, according to the MHA”, Radio-Canada, November 7, 2021

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