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Currently, Lotto Max is looking for its next winner. According to reports from lottery institutions in Canada, the jackpot in the game’s last Friday round remained intact, as no ticket from the country matched the seven winning numbers in the draw. The main prize was a staggering C $ 24 million, but no one got a chance to catch it.

Lotto Max is a national lottery game that offers huge winning possibilities with jackpots of up to a staggering C $ 70,000,000. Once the main prize passes the C $ 50 million mark, the raffle may also offer its players multiple Maxmillion rewards worth C $ 1 million each. The game draws take place every Tuesday and Friday.

No winner

Unfortunately for all participants of last Friday’s Lotto Max draw, the round did not determine a winner for the big C $ 24 million jackpot. No tickets from provinces across the country match the seven numbers drawn on Friday, but players will once again have a chance to hit the jackpot on Tuesday. For the November 2 draw, the jackpot will increase to C $ 29 million.

Lotto 6/49, which is another very popular draw in Canada, also did not determine a winner last week. Saturday’s draw for the game had a C $ 8 million jackpot, but no one in the country managed to snatch it. The tour determined that the guaranteed price of 1 million Canadian dollars goes to a resident of Quebec. The jackpot for the next draw will now be C $ 10 million.

Winning ticket found

Last week, the British Columbia Lottery Corporation revealed that Gary Muchula of Vancouver is the proud winner of the C $ 10.2 million jackpot of the October 20 draw for Lotto 6/49. After claiming his substantial prize at a BCLC office, the football fan shared more about his winning and that he purchased the fateful London Drugs ticket at Park Royal.

Mr. Muchula who is a huge football fan now reveals that he is one step closer to realizing his dream of go to the super bowl. The winner says he must have checked his ticket several times because he was not sure the winning number was the correct one. Along with the money, Mr Muchula also plans to take time off and organize a holiday in Barbados over the Christmas break.

Sask. Resident claims record price

In addition, last week, Matthew Poppels of Saskatoon won his Lotto Max jackpot in the October 19 draw. His earnings account at CA $ 55,000,000 and it only took Mr. Poppels eight days to claim his life-changing award. This is the second biggest lottery win in Saskatchewan history, with the biggest being valued at C $ 60,000,000.

Mega Burnaby Lotto Max winner also revealed

Western Canadians have enjoyed many big lottery wins over the past month. BCLC Announced Big Lotto Max Jackpot Winner 70 million Canadian dollars and her name is Burnaby’s, Christine Lauzon. The winner said she hit the jackpot after randomly selecting her numbers with the Quick Pick option, and thus came out victorious in the September 28 round.

Source: “No winning ticket for Friday’s $ 24 million Lotto Max jackpot“, CTV News, October 30, 2021

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