Maltco Lotteries to reopen Malta’s largest retail network after COVID-19 restrictions eased


The lotto and other games will return from this Monday, May 4 after a 47-day shutdown due to coronavirus-related measures, Maltco Lotteries announced

The company is set to reopen its retail network after the announcement of the authorization to open on Friday.

The operator of the national lottery said it was among the first organizations to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic epidemic, supporting all guidelines issued by health authorities and has put in place numerous measures aimed at to ensure the safety of players, employees and its retailers.

Sale of games

From Monday May 4, players will be able to participate in all Maltco games including: Super 5, SUPERSTAR, Lotto, Quaterno +, Quick Keno, Bingo 75, Scratchers Instant Tickets as well as U * BET Sports and Horse Racing games. (from whenever events and betting content become available).

However, in order to comply with social distancing recommendations issued by authorities, the public is advised that the Quick Keno game, U * Bet Live Sports and U * BET Horse Racing events will not be transmitted from Inside the POS televisions. . Players can still purchase their tickets and follow the unfolding of events on the Maltco website or other channels, but not from inside a Maltco POS.

Tickets already purchased for the next draws

Due to the suspension of the lottery draws, tickets that were purchased for any active draw before the suspension, will remain valid and participate in the next draws which are scheduled as follows:

  • Super 5: 819 draw on Wednesday 6the May at 7:45 p.m.
  • SUPERSTAR: Draw 77 on Friday 8e May at 7:45 p.m.
  • Lotto & Quaterno +: 820 draw on Saturday 9e May at 7:45 p.m.

The consecutive draw tickets remained valid for the respective draw numbers indicated on the tickets.

Payment of winnings

Players participating in Maltco games generally have up to 60 days from the announcement of the result to cash out their winnings. Since the suspension of the exploitation of Maltco by the Authorities, Wednesday 18e March 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Maltco players saw this period extended to 90 days following a directive issued by the Malta Gaming Authority. In view of this situation, the Maltese regulator has extended this period by an additional 30 days for players to claim the unpaid winnings from Maltco. This means that for draws and events that took place before the 18the In March, players now have a total of 120 days from the date of the draw or announcement of results to cash out their winnings. For the winnings of the next draws and events from the 4the From May 2020, the 60 day rule will be in effect again, unless instructed otherwise by the Malta Gaming Authority.

Winnings up to € 5,000 can be cashed out at any Maltco point of sale while earnings over € 5,000 can be cashed out at Maltco Headquarters after an appointment through the Maltco Support Center who can be contacted on tel: 2388 3333

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