Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries staff can display pronoun choice on name tags, emails

CUSTOMERS at Manitoba liquor stores or players at Winnipeg casinos will soon know if the employee they are talking to identifies as him, her or them, among other pronouns, simply by checking their badge.

Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries officially introduced the option last month. Employees can display their pronouns on name tags, ID badges, nameplates, and email signatures.

“We wanted to show our support for our heterogeneous staff and customers and ensure consistent use in liquor and lotteries,” said Melanie Larner, Director of Recruitment, Development and Inclusion.

“We are delighted that our employees have taken the opportunity to share their pronouns on their badges and electronic signatures to support transgender and gender non-conforming colleagues and clients. ”

Larner said the option was introduced last month on International Pronoun Day and the initial suggestion came from a frontline employee at Liquor Mart.

“Including pronouns on name tags and other corporate identifiers is just the first step in educating our employees about what it means to be an ally of (LGBTTQ +) people and why they might want to share their pronouns. ”

Royce Byron of the Rainbow Resource Center, who uses the gender-neutral pronouns ze / hir, said the organization had worked with the crown corporation on the changes.

“We have been educated for this,” said Byron. “It’s always great to see organizations wanting to make changes to offer more support to women.

“I know Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries, which verifies the identity of people to enter, they are on the front line of identity. They are definitely a great place and (it’s) great that they are leading the way. soon on everyone’s badges. It’s definitely happening. ”

Larner said it was too early to know how many employees would apply for a new badge or a new ID badge.

“We are not tracking name tag revisions against new net requests,” she said.

“I can tell you that requests for updated ID badges and ID badges showing pronouns are coming in, and I’ve seen a lot of updated email signatures over the past month.”

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