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The Winnipeg Police Department has taken a Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries employee to court over allegations that the staff member defrauded the province’s state agency of more than C $ 275,000. According to the state-owned company, the employee has been engaged in illicit activities for more than two years, starting in April 2017.

The local police department charged Lori Ann Mann, 51, in early March this year. The woman and staff member of the province’s Crown agency has faced charges of fraud, theft, money laundering and data fabrication. However, at this time, the allegations are still not proven in court.

Under the radar Activities

According to law enforcement authorities, the state-owned company contacted its financial crime unit in May 2019 after suspecting that one of its employees had committed fraud. The Crown states that Lori Ann Mann, a staff member of the Casino Tours department, has been participation in illegal activities since April 2017 taking advantage of its position.

The Winnipeg Casino offers visitors and guest tourist packages to casinos and cooperates with different companies to provide buses for transport. Police said on Friday that payments to transport providers are determined by the number of people carried by a bus on each tour. And Mrs. Mann took advantage of it.

Police discovered digital invoices and date records that were deliberately forged in order to display a greater number of passengers per bus tour. In addition, evidence of falsified travel was also found, resulting in greater financial obligations for transport companies. According to the police statement, the bus companies were not aware of the illicit overpayment and had no idea of ​​such a scheme.

The defendant was also discovered to be the owner of a bus company which was also involved in the transportation of services to casino customers. According to the police on 300 cases of fraud, theft and money laundering were committed by the individual between April 2017 and April 2019. The Crown corporation’s staff member defrauded the business for more than CAD $ 275,000 for the aforementioned period.

Fire extinguishing continuation

Previous courtroom shenanigans have seen the Crown agency involved in a lawsuit against The Pas and some of the volunteer firefighters who were involved in putting out the Town Center Hotel fire in 2017. Insurers mentioned the crown corporation. without the notion of the game regulator of that. The company has classified the case as another example of a subrogation where the insurance company tries to recover the money it had previously paid to the insured.

Budget cuts

The Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation had to make changes to cope with the influence of the unprecedented situation. The gaming regulator said it saved C $ 1.3 million in expenses after temporary staff layoffs. This downsizing resulted in a 40% change in the overall workforce of the company, which means that on 1,300 staff members were temporarily made redundant.

Source: Unger, Danton “Employee of Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries accused of defrauding more than $ 275,000 from a company: police”, CTV News, March 19, 2021

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