Measure taken to fight fake lotteries, says Minister

The state government and cyber wing of the police are looking for fake lotteries illegally marketed online under the Kerala State Lotteries brand, Finance Minister KN Balagopal has said.

The government was also taking steps to technologically upgrade the lottery department to combat these trends, Mr. Balagopal said on Monday, by launching the new Sunday lottery “Fifty-Fifty” which carried ₹1 crore as the top prize.

Contrary to popular perception, the state government has hardly made a huge profit from lotteries, Mr. Balagopal said. Earnings were actually low once operating expenses and price commitments were met, he said. At the same time, the livelihoods of more than a million families depended on state lotteries, he said.

Courses for lottery winners

The finance minister reiterated the ministry’s plans to offer a short finance management course to lottery winners, focusing on the wise investment of their prize. The experiences of previous winners have indicated the need for such a helping hand, Mr. Balagopal said.

Sector back on track

State Lotteries Director Abraham Renn said the industry has rebounded from the COVID 19-induced crisis. Lottery sales have seen an increase. For the outstanding Vishu lottery, 38 lakh tickets had been sold so far compared to 22.8 lakh tickets last year. The department had so far printed 42 lakh of tickets and expected sales to reach 45 to 50 lakh this year, he said.

With the introduction of the new “Fifty-Fifty” lottery, there would be draws every seven days of the week. The total amount offered as prizes was higher than other weekly lotteries, Renn said.

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