Mobile bingo game becomes a new iGaming trend


When you think of the iGaming industry, most people tend to think of video slots, online poker, and virtual table games, and those who are a little more in the know also include live dealer games. direct in this area of ​​thought. However, there is more, and one of the rising trends in iGaming is a game that has long been a favorite pastime in parts of Europe, particularly the UK, as well as the States. -United. It is, of course, Bingo – a game played in pubs, clubs, and bingo halls that has recently caught on online and has become incredibly popular in the process. So popular that now people are playing bingo on their mobile devices while on the go.

Is mobile bingo the next iGaming trend?

There are many reputable software developers out there for making video slots compatible with mobile devices. Pragmatic Play, Playtech Dragonfish and 888 are all well-known names in the video slots industry, all creating mobile slots, and these brands just happen to be major players in the current boom in online bingo. . And where there is an iGaming product that is becoming popular everywhere online i.e. desktop devices, it is soon making its way to mobile games i.e. smartphones and tablets using the same HTML5 technology. as video slots, live dealer games and virtual table games.

Specifically, many sites offering bingo games are now also known as legitimate bingo sites. This is because they are fully licensed by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) under UK laws, and the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) under EU laws.

As a result, online bingo is now more fashionable than it ever was in the past, with a myriad of legitimate bingo sites offering bonus offers to players who sign up and deposit, and hence it inevitably moved from desktop / laptop to mobile devices. In short, mobile bingo is expected to be one of the next trends in iGaming.

Are there really that many people playing bingo online?

At present, it is estimated that the UK currently has around 3.5 million online bingo players. There are probably somewhere in the region an additional 1 to 1.5 million people who regularly play brick and mortar bingo halls across the country, and more who play at pub bingo nights, charity bingo events as part of a weekly meeting, and for competitions.

These aren’t the same numbers as when bingo was so popular that over 14 million players were registered at popular land-based establishments, but it’s a number that continues to grow online year on year. Additionally, with the trend of mobile bingo gaming also coming to fruition, we hope to see over 5 million bingo players online.

With the trend of playing video slots and other casino games spreading to mobile devices, with more and more people playing online bingo, there will be an increase in the game of mobile bingo.

Is Online Bingo a Valuable Market for iGaming Businesses?

You just have to look at the major iGaming brands that are involved in the current push to bring online bingo into the mainstream of online casino games. If it is not virtual bingo cards created by Pragmatic Play, Playtech and Dragonfish of 888 Holding and other online bingo developers, then there is the growing trend of “live bingo” which is related. to the “live lotto”.

For example, Mega Ball Live by Evolution is now one of the most popular online bingo titles, with its own live HD stream and live presenter. This type of bingo will gain in popularity as people can now simply zoom in on live bingo games and experience land-based bingo hall games in their living room on their big screen TVs, through their PCs, tablets and even on smartphones. .

With all of this in mind, the value of the online part of the bingo industry is increasing rapidly. And according to Statista, a market research firm, the bingo industry is worth £ 910million.

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