Morecambe: two locals win £ 50,000 each at Buzz Bingo

Two local bingo players took home gold when they recently won £ 50,000 each at Buzz Bingo in Lancashire.

The two Big Buzz Special wins came only weeks apart at Buzz Bingo on Marine Road in Morecambe.

One of the local bingo players uses the money to retire early with her husband.

The first winner of the £ 50,000 jackpot, who wishes to remain anonymous, has been a regular at the Morecambe club for many years and is delighted with her victory.

This isn’t the first time the bingo chain has made headlines after becoming the first club to host a trio of prominent visitors.

Tyson Fury, Freddie Flintoff and Jamie Redknapp came out to play bingo during the filming of the “A League of Their Own” news series in November, which has been a very exciting week for the staff at Buzz Bingo Morecambe.

Richard Kilshaw, General Manager of Buzz Bingo Morecambe, said: “Our club has had a very exciting few months full of jackpot winners and celebrity visits. Most importantly, we couldn’t be happier for our lucky winners and their fantastic victories. Everyone was cheering from their seats – it was such an exciting time. All the staff of Buzz Bingo Morecambe are delighted that the club is now one of the luckiest in the country!

Peter Brigden, Retail Director at Buzz Bingo, said: “The atmosphere in the club when there is a big win is always amazing, and we are delighted to see two other customers take home £ 50,000 on our Big Buzz special game, at Buzz Bingo Morecambe. Overall, Buzz Bingo players earn over £ 2million per week in bingo prizes and have won £ 2.5million in Big Buzz Special jackpots. It’s great to celebrate a win and for the rest of the bingo community to celebrate it too! ”

Since the doors reopened to customers, all Buzz Bingo clubs have implemented extensive health and safety measures, including maximum capacity, Perspex screens and floor markers to enable social distancing.

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