Play one of the best card games for beginners

Playing cards is a relatively easy game to play once you have familiarized yourself with the basics. The rules and strategies are easy to follow, and perhaps that is why Blackjack tops the list of the most popular casino games.

What is awesome Online Blackjack at Paddy Power Games in particular, is the extra layer of complexity that side bets add to your gaming experience. While they may seem unimpressive, side bets are not as complicated as they originally appeared to be. To help keep you up to date, we’ve compiled a short guide on the what, why and how to place side bets in Blackjack.

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Side bets are pretty self-explanatory – they are simply additional bets that players can place during any standard blackjack game. They usually involve predicting what cards other players will receive next. All bets will be placed before the cards are dealt, as this type of bet is based on chance rather than skill.


Compared to the other top casino games, Blackjack has the lowest house edge no matter how hard you play (or not). In addition, there is also less chance of winning with this game, even money being a more likely outcome, only increasing your stake up to 2x if you hit Blackjack.

But that’s where side bets come in. Place those extra bets and your odds will increase, although the house edge will also increase. Essentially, side bets increase the excitement when playing Blackjack, resulting in higher risk but also the potential for higher rewards.

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How? ‘Or’ What?

The last detail we need to cover is How? ‘Or’ What to get involved in blackjack side bets. If you’ve played the game before, online or at a real table, you will know that all potential bets are outlined around the table or to the side of your screen. The top three side bets you should expect to find are:

This is the most common side bet you should expect to find in Blackjack. As the name suggests, this bet allows you to hedge against a big loss if the dealer hits an ace face up.

An insurance bet involves half of your initial bet and can pay out 2x if the dealer is finished with Blackjack, reducing the overall house edge.

This bet uses only the player’s cards, paying out varying prices depending on the type of pair. Two of the same value but of different suit and color are called mixed pairs and pay up to 5 times your first bet. Two of the same rank and suit are called a flush pair and offer 12x, while a truly perfect pair contains two of the exact same cards, dealing a whopping 25x. All payouts depend on where you choose to play and the different gaming tables.

Our third secondary bet involves both player cards and the dealer’s card. From there, the outcome of those cards will determine your reward amount. If all the cards are suited this is called a flush and pays the lowest amount, while the highest payout of this side bet can be achieved if the result is a triple suited which involves three of the same cards being revealed. Between these two bets, you can also bet: straight (consecutive values), three of a kind (not of the same suit) and straight flush (consecutive value and same suit).

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