Rainmaker Games Launches First Blockchain Game Discovery Platform

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rainmaker games launches the first discovery platform for blockchain games, providing a single source of much-needed game data that the industry has been missing. Rainmaker’s beta platform includes over 150 blockchain games, expert reviews, technical details, potential win stats, video content, and more. Powered by their proprietary game data, the Rainmaker search engine allows players to find games based on categories such as top rated, most popular, free games, highest returns, blockchain protocol, and more.

Bringing game discoverability

Will Deane, CEO and Co-Founder of Rainmaker Games, said:

“With our beta launch, Rainmaker is now the premier discovery platform for gamers to access information on all the top blockchain games. We believe that the ability to experience the game through great UX that we bring to the ecosystem is key to bringing P2E games to the mainstream gaming community.

User-generated and community-driven content is also essential for the platform, allowing users to review games, chat with other players, and build communities around their favorite games on message boards. Social media activity from Twitch, Reddit, and Twitter is also integrated directly into game news pages, providing context for what’s happening in the largest web communities. The data provided by Rainmaker’s Discovery Platform can also help gamers be confident that games are legitimate and community-approved when listed on Rainmaker.

Will continued:

“Bringing together the world of blockchain gaming across different chains, platforms, and ecosystems into one sleek, user-friendly interface is no small task. Our in-house team of designers and engineers are gamers and blockchain enthusiasts who understand how to prioritize user experience for both groups and know what information gamers want to know before investing their time and money in the space. blockchain game.

New games will be added to the platform’s database every week, with new features being released regularly, such as game guides and a rewards system to improve the user experience.

Welcome to Rainmaker Games – the premier blockchain game discovery platform. Gamers around the world can finally explore hundreds of games in one place, complete with ratings, daily wins, reviews, twitch streams, feature descriptions, and more. Rainmaker brings games and players together like never before and makes blockchain gaming accessible to the world.

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