Reflection on Richmond’s rejection of a casino complex | Richmond Free Press

For the residents of Richmond south of the James, it is with deep regret that the vote for a casino was “no” and it was not due to any fault on your part.

I was so hopeful that the casino would be approved because the positive advantages of a casino complex outweighed the disadvantages.

It seems that the problem has focused on aspects of the game, which I then have to ask the following question: what do people think the lottery is, a scratch ticket, Rosie’s Gaming Emporium and, more recently, sports betting applications? Gambling is and has become a part of our culture.

I’m sure some of us were looking forward to finally staying home and seeing some local shows and enjoying the green space amenities that had to be a part of this business. We really lost just because the residents of North James couldn’t see or didn’t want progress happening in someone else’s neighborhood.

I’m talking about the residents of Scott’s Addition and the other revitalization of “their” neighborhood. Let’s be honest. If the money did not line their pockets, then a “no” vote was inevitable.

Now we are described as “dead losers”. I’m referring to the recent Caesars Sportsbook announcement that went out immediately after the ‘no’ vote offering Virginians their condolences and giving us the opportunity to join their gaming pool. They don’t give us or give us anything in return – no income, nothing.

To the Urban One family who accepted the will of the voters of Richmond, we thank you for trying and wish you the best of luck in your progress.



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