Rein Games unveils Magic T23

May 13, 2022 2:54 p.m. STI

New Delhi [India]May 13 (ANI/GPRC): Rein Games, India’s first hack-proof real-money gaming startup for professional gamers, today unveiled Magic T23, the first innovative real-money card game in India.
A new kind of card game, it involves tactical decision making and quick thinking and is ideal even for a family to play together.
Magic T23 is also India’s most transparent game with features like replay, fair play, instant withdrawal and fastest KYC. Another good thing about this new game is that it’s short and sweet – a round can be completed in 45 seconds and an entire game in 5 minutes, unlike many others that take longer.
Magic T23 comes with Rein Games’ unique promise of “uninterrupted” play where one can reconnect and resume play smoothly by connecting through another device if the network fluctuates or due to incoming calls (such as the most play on their mobile phones), without having to forfeit their platform fee.
Every player’s money that enters the system is tracked to curb any fraudulent activity. T23 stands for Two, 2 and 3 (2+2+3), a game where a player is dealt 7 cards and a limited time to make decisions . Visit to learn more.

Commenting on the new Magic T23 card game, Nishtha Gupta, Co-Founder and Product Manager, Rein Games said, “Games that promote a single winner can lead to excessive gambling behavior. Sometimes players opt for higher bets to recoup their losses. In Magic T23, at the end of each game there are multiple winners with a decreasing percentage of the prize pool, which discourages addiction and brings less emotion into play. In all of our card games, we do not allow less experienced players to play high stakes It is only after gaining experience that high stakes tables begin to appear.
Indeed, our client team immediately calls players with risky behavior – playing for long hours, depositing and not withdrawing winnings, etc. to advise and guide them. The new game also delivers on our original promise and commitment to deliver a well-designed, hack-proof, skill-based, high-quality gaming experience. We are looking to make this card game one of the leading real money skill-based online games in India.”
Founded in 2018 by Vaibhav Gupta (IIT-Mumbai and INSEAD-Paris), Nishtha Gupta (IIT Roorkee and IIM-Lucknow), Himanshu and Pranav, Noida-based Rein Games is a skill-based gaming startup and real-money game that provides high-quality, uninterrupted, hack-proof entertainment for players who value quality. The company’s goal is to create original concept-based real-money games that must be played for a stake in exchange for a platform fee.
Rein Games has received Rs. 4.7 crore in a funding round led by Dr. Ranjan Pai, MD and CEO of Manipal Education and Manipal Group with participation from Titan Capital, the investment vehicle of Snapdeal co-founders, in 2019.
To improve the overall user experience and gain user trust, it uses an AI-based system, which tracks the flow of money on the platform, to redirect benefits to declining users, increase the user engagement, curb any fraudulent activity, etc.
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