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The Catholic Church, in particular, wanted bingo to be exempt. Parishes in most places across the country held bingo games on Sunday nights to raise money for their schools, but in Wisconsin they couldn’t. Finally, after decades of failure, the legislature submitted the bingo issue to a statewide referendum in April 1965.

Changing the Constitution, despite a five-part Capital Times series on the evils of gambling and how bingo would open the door to widespread corruption – as the newspaper pointed out was the experience in others States – has grown by an overwhelming majority, much to Evjue’s chagrin.

But all these years later, he was probably right about opening the door. Bingo not only helped Catholic parishes, but national gambling companies quickly cleverly adopted games for sale in taverns, and even grocery stores were caught in the action.

Then, some 20 years later, voters gave the green light to a state lottery, which in turn served as the basis for the state’s Indian nations to secure the federal government’s blessing to open casinos on tribal lands. This, in turn, convinced law enforcement to look the other way as taverns and restaurants across the state installed video poker games to make up for what they claimed was lost revenue for. casinos.

But this is all just a small potato compared to what has happened across the country. Many cash-strapped states have lifted all gambling restrictions, joining the wide-open Nevada. The biggest change, however, has been the sport game. The United States Supreme Court opened the door in 2019 for any state wishing to legalize it.

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