River West residents worry about convoluted traffic patterns as a new casino comes to the area

CHICAGO (SCS) — River West’s neighbors in Chicago worry about the impact a possible casino could have on their ability to get around.

The neighborhood was already slated for an overhaul of road bridges and bike lanes later this year. CBS 2’s Chris Tye reports that the proposed casino project could change the timeline.

This is one of the most complicated stretches of transportation in Chicago. There are waterways, railroads, roads and soon, a possible massive game complex.

This will make the future of travel in the region quite complex. Going east on Chicago Avenue through Halsted Street, on the right is the casino. On an upcoming bridge, opposing traffic slides into a single lane.

This whole trip is over a bridge, under which there are train carriages. And the bridges are very old.

“It’s a very complex element of urbanity here. It is.”

John Bosca and the band Neighbors of River West have been waiting for this busy part of Chicago to be revamped.

“What we’ve been told is there’s going to be a new bridge, a new structure in Chicago and Halsted.”

A new bridge means an all-new flyover bridge that makes up all of the roadway that flies over the trains below, as well as a new bridge over the river at Chicago Avenue.

“We would start to see the building of what, what it looks like right now, we don’t know exactly. But it’s supposed to start.”

But when we asked the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) if the casino’s plans might alter, change, or abandon those plans? CDOT did not respond.

“It’s all about traffic, traffic, traffic,” Bosca said.

And a casino in the area four years from now would dramatically change traffic flow. While it’s a curveball for a needed and desired traffic renovation project, Bosca hopes the momentum of the casino talks will pick up steam beyond the finish line.

“We have to build momentum with what’s coming,” Bosca said.

There are also major traffic issues related to the temporary River North Casino site. Lack of parking and ability to absorb tourist buses in an already congested part of town.

It’s a topic addressed by the Chicago City Council on Tuesday, a topic with very few responses provided by Bally’s or Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s team pushing Bally’s.

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