Sport Manawatū presents Bubble Bingo

Swim in the Waasplash pool like these water aerobics ladies.

Feeling stuck at home, lacking exercise and a little reluctant to go out and mingle with the public? Never fear Bubble Bingo is here.

With the ever-changing environment we find ourselves in right now, Sport Manawatū has found a fun way to help people stay active.

Introducing Bubble Bingo – it includes 21 days of small challenges for your family bubble to complete each day, starting Monday, March 7. Challenges do not have to be completed in order.

After dinner, each evening, a member of your bubble chooses a number between 1 and 21 and that is your activity for the next day.

We have a private Facebook group (search Sport Manawatū Bubble Bingo) where we encourage you to share photos/videos of your challenges. The Sport Manawatū staff will also be uploading their bubble challenges so you can even get some ideas.

If you don’t have Facebook, we still want to see your photos! You can email them to me.

For example, some of the 21 activities include:

■ riding a bike or skateboard or walking around a block,

■ try online yoga or an activity you’ve never done before,

■ play a board or card game,

■ swimming at the beach or at the municipal swimming pool,

■ Have a water fight.

There are $1,000 in one-time prizes up for grabs, but these can only be won if you are entered! So sign up for Bubble Bingo and download the challenge sheet today at

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