The 10 Best Wild West Board Games, Ranked

Tabletop games are becoming more popular every year, with over 3,000 board games released each year. Board games usually have a wide variety of themes and settings for players to explore. One of those many themes is the Wild West, where outlaws and marshals roam the lands tying up cattle, staging duels, and more.

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Several popular games use the Western theme, but many gamers feel it is underrepresented in the hobby, with only a few Wild West games becoming successful in the industry. However, other gamers think there are several fantastic examples of great western themed table games for gamers.

ten A Handful of Meeples Brings Light-hearted Fun to the Wild West

A Fistful Of Meeples board game box and components

In his heart, A Handful of Meeples is a game heavily inspired by the classic tabletop game Mancala. Each turn, a player will choose a building, pick up all the wooden meeples there, and drop them one by one as they move around the board. Different colored meeples represent deputies, thieves, miners, builders, and a madam, each with a unique special ability. A Handful of Meeplesis easy to pick up and play, but offers players a healthy dose of strategy and long-term planning as they figure out how best to use the meeples at their disposal.

9 Tiny Epic Western is a big game in a small box

Tiny Epic Western Board Game Components Insert and Box

Epic little western is a Wild West-themed entry in the little epic series of board games. The series allows gamers to experience larger games with great components at a reasonable price because all the games are small enough and fairly inexpensive.

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Epic little western offers all the hallmarks of the Wild West theme with cowboys, outlaws, marshals, and more, while maintaining the miniature nature of the series that players have come to love. Many fans believe the game does a lot with little and really brings its theme to life.

8 Carson City is a strategic game of land ownership

Carson City Board Game Now Playing

While some players prefer gunfights and Wild West madness, other players enjoy a more strategic approach to the theme. Town of Carson offers players a more relaxed game while providing a rewarding western experience. Each game turn, players decide which role they will play, each with unique abilities. These roles can allow players to hold more money between rounds, earn an extra worker, and more. Players compete for the most points based on a combination of land they own and points they have earned throughout the game.

seven Shadows Of Brimstone: City Of Ancients Brings Monsters To The Old West

Shadows of Brimstone City of Ancients Board Game Now Playing

Shadows of Brimstone is a dungeon crawler game for 1-4 players. Like many dungeon crawls, the game comes with special characters, gear, loot, scenarios, combat, and more. City of the Ancients sets itself apart, however, by setting the game in the Wild West and adding wild monsters. The game combines the fun of westerns with the creepiness of HP Lovecraft in a nice mix that many players enjoy. Shadows of Brimstone: City of the Ancients stands out as one of the most unique Wild West games ever made.

6 Colt Express lets players race against each other on a moving train

Colt Express board game components in a large box

Foal Express has a very captivating presence at the table. The game provides the components and instructions on how to build a 3D train for players to play on. The game also has 3D terrain pieces that are useless, but look neat on the table. Each player assumes the role of a unique character with a special ability and a deck of cards. Throughout a game of Foal Expressplayers will attempt to outplay their opponents by playing the best cards at the most opportune time to win.

5 Bang: dice game combines yahtzee and bluff

Bang The Dice Game Components and Character in Box

Bang: the dice game is a fast-paced shootout with simple rules and hidden identities. In the game, each player will be either the sheriff or a deputy, outlaw or renegade. They will also play as a unique Wild West character with a special ability and stats.

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During the game, each player knows who the sheriff is, but the roles of other players are kept secret. This leaves it up to the players to deduce who is on their side and who is their enemy. snap plays fast and is exciting for players all the time.

4 Dice Town turns poker cards into dice

Dice Town Board Game Components in Box

city ​​of dice is a simple game that has had many fans for years. The game consists of rolling five dice each round, saving one and rolling the rest. This continues until all players have saved their five dice, then players resolve what they all rolled. Throughout the game, players use their dice to collect money, mine gold, build properties, get to the saloon, and more. city ​​of dice also provides a bonus card given to players who couldn’t accomplish anything on their turn, making every player feel rewarded every turn.

3 Flick ‘Em Up lets players throw balls at cowboys

Flick em Up Cowboy board game standing in gunfight pose

Many Western games use dice or cards to resolve fights in shootouts and duels. flick ’em up reverses these ideas by having players throw discs at each other that represent fired bullets. Two teams of bandits face off in this Wild West skill game that includes a scenario book, special items and more. There are also several expansions available that allow players to tame horses, move through canyons, and more. flick ’em up is a very unique game that offers players something different from what they are used to.

2 Great Western Trail is an enriching western experience

Great Western Trail Board Game Being Played

Unlike many board games set in the Wild West, Great Western Trail focuses heavily on raising and selling livestock. The game is intimidating at first glance, especially for newcomers, with its chunky rulebook and dense amount of iconography on the board. However, Great Western Trail is quite simple to play once players understand the rules.

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Many players describe the game as relaxing as they pull their cattle along the trail, pausing along the way to perform actions and hopefully help them win at the end of the game.

1 Western Legends is an open world of fun in the Wild West

In Western legends, 2 to 5 players will venture into the world of the Wild West. Players have the ability to live an outlaw life, rob banks, steal cattle, and more. Alternatively, they can also live their lives as marshals, arrest outlaws, fight bandits, and help the sheriff. The game also allows players to change allegiance at any time during gameplay, turning to a life of crime or rehabilitating for the law. The game also has expansions that give players new choices and even more freedom than before.

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