The best local multiplayer games for Android – Fotonica, Terraria, Dual! and more

The times when they start to change a bit, just enough that it seems like we can hang out with people more often for the first time in a long time. And you know what will help with that? Local multiplayer android games.

So we have written this list here. It’s made up of what we think are the best local multiplayer games for Android. Some of them are on the same device, some of them are WiFi-based, and at least one of them involves shouting nonsense.

You can click on the game names below to download them from the Play Store. And if you have your own suggestions, we’d love to hear them – so be sure to add them to the comments section.

A fast and slightly bonkers auto-runner that you can play on the same device with a dear friend. It’s good for sweaty palms, and even better when you put a friend in the mix.

A strategic game that consists of getting out of a series of prisons. You can play alone or team up with some of your friends to make it even more exciting.

The floating physics platform is fine when playing alone, but stick a few friends around the same device and it takes on a whole new form that’s hard to beat.

A game about placing tiles and creating a path for your dragon to follow. It’s simple enough that anyone can pick it up and try it out, and it’s a great way to get everyone involved in the fun of the game.

What could be better than exploring a huge open world, fighting monsters, digging up objects and using them to build a colony? Why, do it with your friends of course. You can all play on the same WiFi and have a great time.

A stylish digital version of the super popular card game. You can play it alone against the AI, you can play it online, or you can play it casually and play with the person sitting next to you right now.

A collection of bomb-based mini-games that you can play with up to seven other people over WiFi. There’s even an additional app your friends can download to use as a controller on their own devices. Layer.

We’re 90% sure you’ve played Spaceteam before, but if you haven’t, you really should. It’s a fantastic sci-fi adventure that involves a lot of screaming and button pressing. Try it, you will love it.

Oh, hey, it’s a Pong game that you play on two different devices. It sounds ridiculous, and it basically is, but it’s also a lot of fun. It’s like playing tennis, without the grunts.

Among Us is great fun when you play it online, but it’s even more fun when you play it in the same room as the people who might just be trying to scam you. Or the people you’re trying to scam. You had the idea.

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