The most popular card games in India


Despite all the changes that technology has brought to our day to day lives, there are some traditional hobbies that refuse to lie down and die. Card games are a good example. Playing cards were introduced to India around 500 years ago by the Mughal emperors. These were round and consisted of 10 suits. It wasn’t until the British arrived that the playing cards we know today made their appearance.

There are dozens of card games out there and each region of India has their own designs and variations on traditional favorites.

Teen Patti

Popular all over India, this game is based on English bragging three cards. It also has some similarities to three-card poker, although the ranking of hands is slightly different, with a set or “trio” outperforming a straight flush. A fun aspect of Teen Patti is that a player can choose to play blind, betting normally but without looking at the hand that has been dealt to them. Winning a blind hand doubles the reward.


Poker is the most popular game on the planet and has been elevated to almost a sport thanks to worldwide coverage of the WSOP on channels like ESPN. It is also much more accessible to novices than before, thanks to the dozens of mobile applications available. Online platforms like Go Casino offer live dealer versions of popular poker games like casino holdem.

Satte Pe Satta satte pe satta game - learn the rules of satte pe satta @rummybaazi

It was the card game that became so popular, it spawned its own Bollywood movie! Satte pe satta is best played with a large group of friends and multiple decks. The goal is to throw your cards away as quickly as possible, but those with a bad sense of mischief take more pleasure in strategically blocking other players than in striving for victory. Whichever way you choose to play this game is a lot of fun.


A little quieter, but just as immersive, rummy has been a family favorite for centuries. It’s a game anyone can play, whether you’re 4 or 104, although it might not have been when it was invented. Historians believe the name derives from the common stake, which was a glass of naval rum! Incidentally, gin rummy and whiskey poker have similar origins behind their names!

Twenty eight twenty-eight (card game) - wikipedia

The great thing about card games is that they can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be. While Rummy is the most accessible of crowds, Twenty-Eight is something you can really get your teeth into, and it’s a big favorite among India’s more serious card players. It is especially popular in southern India, while those in the northern regions have their own version called twenty-nine. It is played by four players divided into teams of two and is conceptually similar to the old game of bridge. It is worth taking the time to learn the rules, because it is a game that can bring hours of fun.

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