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There are card games out there that are always fun and intriguing enough that you can play them for hours. It’s probably a secret in skillful creation, so some games are the perfect blend of competitive spirit, strategy, and the human need to win and escape boredom.

There are timeless card games that have defied boredom for centuries. Some are also modern, created in the internet age. However, they all have in common no matter how often you play them – they’re always so fun and intriguing. This way you forget about boredom and problems and have fun. Plus, most card games are great for brain fitness and concentration training.

We bring you a list of the 5 best timeless and always fun card games that you will never get bored of and that are perfect for family and kids.


Although the first association is with card games – a night out with friends and relaxed socializing – sometimes we can and should have fun on our own. Solitaire is an excellent card game, popularized by the expansion of PCs and the Internet.

You can play it alone without time limit or via a computer where you can choose between beginner, intermediate or difficult level. The essence is the same online and offline. You have to line up a set of four cards, one set for each color.

You stack the cards in alternating colors and in order from smallest to largest. Solitaire also engages motor skills and requires concentration. It’s a great choice while waiting for the bus, at the airport, or in boring meetings.


War is a simple card game. Even children who are just starting to learn about cards can play this game. It needs a classic 52-card deck. Neal Taparia, entrepreneur and creator of Spider Solitaire Challenge often plays War with his children and family. It helps them focus and spend quality time together.

Although there are several versions, the best known is the one where two players divide the game into two parts and draw cards. Whoever draws the highest card also appropriates the opponents.

The winner is the one who completes the deck first and leaves the opponent without a single card. If they draw the same cards, then it is war, and both players draw two cards, which they alternately reveal. The principle stays the same. The winner is the one with the best cards.

Memory games

Memory games are also a great option to introduce card games to kids. It’s a fun, quick, and kind of memory exercise. While you can use any deck for this game, it might be the easiest with the 52-card classic.

Place all the cards face down. The game begins when the player turns two cards face up and alternately clockwise. The goal is to find a matching pair of cards. The player who finds the corresponding cards keeps them.

When a player misses, does not find a suitable card – he must memorize the position of that card for the next turn. The winner is the player who collects the most matching cards, that is, the one who best remembers the location of the corresponding card.


Blackjack is a classy card game. It is one of the favorite game choices for adults and people with a circle of regular friendly gamers. Blackjack is fun, intriguing, and you can play it with just two players.

The cards are dealt alternately, one card face up, the other face down. Each player then looks at his card face down (does not show it to his opponents) and adds the value with the card face up. Then both players do. The ultimate goal is the sum of being 21 or as close as possible to the sum of 21.

Digital cards have the same point value. However, tricks and aces are priced differently. Kings and queens are worth 10 points, while Ace can be worth 1 or 11 points.

If two close players add up to 21, then they can choose between hitting or staying. If the player wants to hit, the dealer gives him another card face down.

The value of this card is added to the result obtained previously. If the player chooses to stay, he continues to play with the same cards and points he already has. The winner of the round is the one who comes closest to 21 points or who wins precisely that much. If both cards are worth 21 points, the opponent is the winner of the round.

Blackjack is one of those games with many versions and options. You can choose according to your knowledge and your level of play. Either way, blackjack is always a cool and always fun card game.

Eight fools

Crazy Eights is a relatively simple card game. Most of the time the game creates a relaxing atmosphere, but sometimes things can spill out. Crazy Eights are also great card game choices for kids to play with or for hangouts of different generations.

Affordable, and above all fun, as the name suggests, the game has five cards dealt to each player, and the rest of the deck serves as a reserve.

When the player has his turn to play and he does not have the appropriate card, he must draw from the reserve until he draws the appropriate card. Depending on luck or the deal, the player can either run out of stock or get the appropriate card from first. If he has no more cards in the reserve, the turn is over for him.


Most of these games are well known classics. This means that you will only need a standard deck of cards and at least one friend in the mood to play.

Games such as War and Memory are simple, ideal for family and friends gatherings. If you are alone or bored, the lonely is always there.

With these games, you can easily have fun, relax, learn something, and even improve your memory.

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