Two more TVBET card games obtain GLI certification


Leading B2B live game provider TVBET has announced that two of the company’s card games, War of Elements and JokerBet, are now equipped with GLI-certified card shufflers.

The addition of the new games means that TVBET now has a total of eight live games approved by UK-based Gaming Laboratories International (GLI). The news adds to the credibility of these popular games.

GLI is an internationally accredited association, in accordance with ISO / IEC standards, which confirms technical competence in the field of games and gambling. The certification claims that the live card games in question are conducted with 100% transparency of the results.

“This is a big step for TVBET, which is constantly developing and improving its products,” the company said.

It also noted that eight of its portfolio of 12 games are now GLI certified. They are:

  • War of Elements: A live game in which a bettor must predict which card would be the highest, in a duel between the dealer and the player.
  • JokerBet: A unique game where players have the opportunity to predict the next card to be drawn from the game.
  • 1Bet: A very simple and fast live lottery, in which 1 of the 37 balls is drawn.
  • 5Bet: A popular and fast-paced live game, where 5 of the 36 numbered balls are randomly selected by the lottery machine.
  • 7Bet: A fast-paced game in which 7 of the 42 numbered balls are randomly selected by the lottery machine.
  • FruitRace: The latest game from TVBET, which is completely unique in the industry. It combines elements of racing and lottery. A player has to place a bet and guess the most matches.
  • Lucky6: A dynamic game, in which 35 numbers are drawn at random from the 48 numbered balls of the machine. The bettor must predict 6 balls that will be drawn, as early as possible in the process.
  • WheelBet: This fast-paced live game combines the principles of a simple wheel of fortune with the functionality of American Roulette. A player must place a bet and wait for the outcome.
  • TVBET is a leading B2B online streaming game provider, offering fully customizable game integration for bookmakers and casinos, both online and offline, with the goal of driving sustainable growth and development. in the iGaming market.

Matches are broadcast live, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anywhere in the world. More than 200 partners have already integrated TVBET products.

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