Why is everyone talking about UK bingo calls in 2022?

LONDON, England — Bingo numbers have always been the talk of the town among people, regardless of the year in question. In 2022 though, things have arguably gotten worse – depending on who you ask of course.

That’s right, this year bingo names are getting a makeover, something that appeals more to the millennial player, eliminating some of the seemingly offensive calls – play Great Rhino Megaways too.

Foxy Bingo/New Calls

One of the UK’s biggest online bingo providers, Foxy Bingo, came up with this one, asking young players what new nicknames they would like to see incorporated into the game. Customers were asked to vote on the names they would like to see added, giving customers the chance to vote on up to 20 new names. These changes could see Tinder, lawyers and Brexit enter the world of bingo for the first time.

“Tea time number 83” will now become “gluten-free number 83” – which is actually pretty clever when you think about it. One of the major changes sees “two ladies number 88” become “Wills and Kate number 88”. This one seems to be quite the topic of debate. The original call is considered iconic, while others think it’s offensive.

One of the funniest we’ve seen is “48, not another Brexit debate?” which, in our view, sums up what the game of bingo is all about: classic British humour. The new names themselves seem to be ironic in a way – caricatures of what older generations think of millennials. We’ve heard the term “snowflake” thrown around a couple of times about these changes, although older players are the only ones to worry about it.

Good or bad thing ?

The overall answer to this question comes down to perspective, although we think it’s a good thing for bingo! Let’s face it, some bingo names are pretty outdated. Some of the meanings behind the numbers are most often lost in translation – some don’t understand, and why would they? Studies have shown that newer generations don’t play bingo for calls, most just play to make money, especially online.

Refreshing some nicknames for numbers might also bring more players into the game! Being inclusive isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Try to keep in mind that everything changes in due course, even games like bingo which have always reflected the times. Times are changing, so why can’t bingo get a fresh coat of paint?

Some of you might think that political correctness has gone haywire, which could very well be the case, but in the end, who really cares? Would you rather the game die with its lore or thrive for many years changing over time? Not all bingo sites/halls adhere to these changes either, so you will still have your original calls if you wish.

This column was provided by Kelly Martindale.

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