Why should you play online scratch cards?


Since their introduction in the 1970s, scratch cards have hardly changed in their design. Their online adaptation by designers and programmers was designed to retain the native design. It was to remind people of the exciting scratch cards offered offline.

So what was it that caught the imagination for so many years? Even today, marketing activities adapt the scratch card game to attract more consumers. Mentioned below are some features of scratch cards, which make them a favorite forever.

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Minimal investment

The reason most people turn to scratch cards is the small investment involved in the rewards. Regardless of the odds, getting a scratch card promises prizes worth lakhs just by spending Rs. 100 on a ticket. At the same time, the multitude of online casinos that offer scratch cards also offer bonus spins and cards, and sometimes even free games. This makes it a hugely lucrative boon for people.

Low probability of risk

Playing roulette, baccarat or any other online game requires you to deposit a fairly large sum with the online casino. This is not the case with most scratch card games. Thus, not only is the investment low, but the security deposit is nonexistent or much lower. This makes it a perfect combination for people who don’t go online with a lot of money in their pockets. It also requires less paperwork and control. Therefore, people are more likely to try their luck rather than other casino games.

Easy to play!

We keep saying that slots or roulette are the easiest to play. But these two games have rules. Sometimes the rules change from game to game, and from online casino to online casino. For any newbie, entering the world of online casinos can be a bit daunting. Scratch cards, on the other hand, have been the same for so many years. The basic concept and operation have remained the same. If you’re a beginner, it’s a good idea to warm up with a set of scratch cards before anything else.


Although this is a completely random game, scratch card prizes have changed people’s lives. The best thing is that with the right strategy you have a chance to win the scratch card.

Checking the Jackpot is a vital part of a strategy. The bigger the jackpot, the less chances of winning. Unless you are feeling lucky on a particular day, you can go for smaller jackpots and increase your odds. Likewise, choosing a betting method and sticking to it could be another strategy. Either choose a large number of expensive big jackpot cards, or spread your odds of winning over a large number of relatively low priced cards.


Online scratch card games add another dimension to casino games becoming more accessible and diverse for players. There is something for everyone in the online casino world. The presence of scratch cards is a testament to the fact that online casinos are open to people with all kinds of budgets.

If you are a beginner or are not sure if you can deposit money at an online casino, starting with scratch cards can be a great place to start.

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