Why yes, we made a Gus Johnson bingo card

That’s right, download it here. (Limited to 150 cards, no real prizes beyond pride)

Over the years, there is only one Eternal Truth; When Gus Johnson calls a game, it’s an instant classic.

When NC State meets UCLA in San Diego, we have every reason in the world that it will be a great game. Gus Johnson has a lot to do with it. Here is a casual list, GJ Bingo-esche, of future moments.

First time at Petco Park

The beginning of the show will be heavy on this point. Prepare for some of the following statements;

  • “For the first time EVER, we are bringing the grill to the past San Diego days.”
  • “Tonight we’re trading baseballs for soccer balls, it’s the Holiday Bowl.
  • “I tell you what, this play in this park, is just another holiday gift.”
  • “Just look at this site… what a night, what a ballpark.”

Then you will also get baseball referrals every quarter …

  • “Leary is going for the home runnnnnnnnnnn !!!”
  • “The Thompson-Robinson throw, juuuuusssssttttt a little bit out there.”

While we’re here, look at this beauty …

Let’s talk about San Diego

We’re sure to have a little San Diego talk in there too.

  • Oh my God, San Diego is beautiful.
  • “Is there a better city in the world than San Diego? “
  • “I’m just going to say it, San Diego is a football town.”
  • There is also a chance outside of Anchorman (the chance is raised to + 5000) “Stay chic, San Diego”… or say out loud “Saint-Diego”

Just Gus Johnson screaming

We know him, we love him, just Gus Johnson screaming…

  • “I don’t mind Emeeeezzzzziiiiiieeeeeeeee… .YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS !!!”
  • “The Bruins woke up from their slumber!” “
  • “Oh my God, Ingle just came over and said ‘hello’!”
  • “Here we gooooooooooo!”
  • “65. meters. AT. The. Housing. Landing!”

Get ready guys… # GoPack

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