Zenescope expands into card games with Tarot: A Game of Souls



Zenescope Entertainment continues to expand into the gaming world, continuing their Wonderland board game with a new card game that has been launched on Kickstarter. The game, Tarot: a game of souls, casts one of the flagship characters of society, Keres the goddess of death, as the star of this game of destinies. Joe brusha and Ralph tedesco are the founders of Zenescope and the creators of their interconnected “Grimm Universe”, a hybrid horror / superhero universe populated by both public domain icons and characters of their own creation. Brusha and Tedesco spoke exclusively with Bleeding Cool about this new venture for the Pennsylvania-based publisher.

Tarot: a game of souls. Credit: Zenescope Entertainment

Zenescope CEO Joe Brusha was once known by the mysterious and enigmatic pseudonym of Joe tyler, spoke about Keres’ evolution from comic book villain to Grimm, goddess of the game:

“Keres has evolved from her introduction in our No Tomorrow series to a Crypt Keeper or Cousin Eerie type character in our Grimm universe. As the Goddess of Death, she is very powerful and she uses that power in our Tales of Terror series. to teach the bad guys some nasty lessons. She’s more than just a facilitator presenting the stories and she often takes a bigger role and interacts with the characters. When we were developing our Tarot: A Game of Souls card game, we knew that we had the perfect character in Goddess of Death for gamers to try and win souls, so it was an easy choice to make Keres the focal point of the game. ”

Tarot: a game of souls.  Credit: Zenescope Entertainment
Tarot: a game of souls. Credit: Zenescope Entertainment
Tarot: a game of souls.  Credit: Zenescope Entertainment
Tarot: a game of souls. Credit: Zenescope Entertainment

Ralph Tedesco, who spearheaded much of the company’s push into film and television, spoke of Zenescope’s constant evolution:

“We have always intended to expand into other forms of media. Of course we continue to try to do that with our film and TV development. It started with SyFy’s TV series Van Helsing which is inspired by our character, but we’ve also changed into self-production more recently, so we’re hoping to see the fruits of that work by 2021. But even beyond the film and TV side, we keep finding ways to integrating our common universe with other forms of media. years ago we produced statues, we are working on an online game for our van helsing series. we aim to keep doing more of this type of projects.

We are lucky and honored to have been able to stay in this industry for 15 years and to have developed a large and loyal fan base. Being able to develop a vast shared universe of characters and content is something we’re really proud of, and we want it to continue to take these characters beyond comics into several other forms of media. “

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